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Angelo Christmas says:

Is it just me or does this guy struggle to keep hes eyes open for 5seconds +

KliveKushOfficial says:

am i the only one that likes the old hud speedo in nfs 2015 instead of the one in payback

Harry Harryvan says:


Taloshk says:


Gün Gün says:

0:20 what is that jump boi

Vixen TM says:

I feel like the map is still so lifeless, i really would like to see some city environment, atleast this race showed some more than straight highways



kubamax9 Kubowski says:

Will we see grip physics or nah?

Devin Pinder says:

30gb I’m so happy

JEO VOX says:

gameplay is good

Marshmallow says:

1:42 There are some missing barriers on the canyon road…

Deondre Thomas says:

Is that james bond car that red one dam they got all the classic mucle

Roadkills Films says:

………i hate the new drifting……….it looks dreadful and so unrealistic……….

Luka Milic says:

YES SIR!!! 😀

TLEE1906_2 aka Jazz lee says:

What other cars are in the game

JAD FX says:

They make good changes 😀

daniel lalush says:

Physics look good

Hippy says:

The R34 still has the same shitty sound it had in NFS 2015 …
Why is it so hard for any game to get the RB26 sound right ? (expect Assetto, I fucking love the sound)

I bet the Supra will also keep the same shitty sound it had in NFS 2015 … oh wait

Matt Swank says:

Would love to see some drift gameplay in the city. I think that the city is an area that hasn’t been shown much. All of the roads seem like one way roads and I’m hoping the city will allow for more strategic driving. Also, in the screenshot they released earlier…the pagani had a ducktail and I think a body kit. Did you catch that? Is it a body kit or stock? Either way the fact that it has a ducktail is hopeful to me that they added more customization for exotics.

SK9 SUB1 says:

Nfs is the best

Anime is Gay. Everything you Love is Gay says:

so all THESE DUMBFUCKS that did a video on this gameplay forgot the new cars that was in the race?? FUCKING RETARDS.

joaquin tamayo says:

Please add photo mode!

Phantom Pain33 says:

I’m going to keep my expectations not low but SUPER extremely low, lots of questions need be answer about this game everything is in bits and pieces with a bunch of embargoes .Ghost if you can make an enjoyable action/racing /driving experience you wont be obliterated by the three titans of racing pcars2,gtsport and forza all in the same year with a month apart from each other.

Awaks says:

Gotta add more confirmed cars to ur list boiiis

Jxdrift97 says:

You sound very tired.

GajiN says:

That one car the AI “La Triste” is in…what is it? Some kind of Jag? Also Hotrod and KPGC10 are back

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