Need For Speed Most Wanted (2012) [Xbox 360]: McLaren F1 LM Gameplay

VGA Racing Game of the Year with an array of positive ratings from G4, IGN, Game Informer, Eurogamer, and more. Criterion Games really put NFS back on top as one of the world’s best arcade racers, and their newest installment, Most Wanted, just got a whole lot better with the Ultimate Speed Pack. 5 New Cars (1 Most Wanted Rival), 70 new achievements, 25+ new events, 270+ MPH, and more can be experienced here. This time, we take out a legend: the McLaren F1 LM. Former street king and one of the best cars I’ve ever driven, this is a race car for the road. Only 5 (plus one prototype) of them have been built, each costing well over $4 Million. With 680 horsepower and a top speed of 225 MPH, it’s a serious threat, and even though it’s not as fast as the Veyron in the straights, it can kick it’s tail in those corners. Let’s see what it’s got.

Note: all gameplay and editing were done by me, however I do not own the rights to EA, Criterion Games, Need For Speed, BMW, McLaren, or The Who. Enjoy!

Intro Made By Me
Music Used: Baba O’ Riley (Most Wanted Remix) – The Who

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Giovanni Cozza says:


Zoba Adel88 says:

هي ياذول احسلك انك تسدهد بلاي

Patel Sufi says:


Jose Hernandez says:

cool car

Raving Astronaut says:

had loads of fun on this game, jumps were a great shame one were in the new need for speed

homeof block says:

how do you get this car?

TheFlameElemental says:

i used this video to trick my friends im playing XD

Maurice gaming xl says:

Will you make video’s about needforspeed rivals

박제은여자임 says:


blazeablunt4200 says:

Does anyone still play this game on PC? i have it and was curious how the online lobbies look?

ewa mikulicz says:

cool cars… man
some of them are slow but cool

Andria Hale says:

cool game. man


I think it’s the 4th best car in NFS MW!!

Christoper Valadez says:

like si tienes nfs most wanted

da aaa says:

I have the game on PC. Had this on Xbox/Xbox 360.

Akash Singh says:

Drifts and controls : NFSMW12= easy ,, NFSMW05 = the real game experience and needs really to be mastered

Саша Марков says:

Мне тоже такая игра есть на Иксбоксе

Raul Ivan Leones Gonzalez says:

me encantan tus vídeos me voy a suscribir ya tienes uno nuevo sigue así

ewa mikulicz says:

download need for speed 2 its cool

Trudy Ann Butler says:

you got it bro

BrandexProductions says:

even though it isnt the best car on the game, its about how you drive the car and the skills of the person driving this car were really poor tbh.

Stephan Conradt says:

geiles video

Monet Burt says:

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Christy Louis says:

what is you phone number


play need for speed rivals you can be a cop or racer

กิตติศักดิ์ ชะบา says:


jason voorhees says:

you have bmw

Corey Ketcham says:

nice car

Darren Wall says:

it’s scà

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