NASCAR HEAT 3 GAMEPLAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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mclightning88 says:

1. Do you play on PS4?
2. If so, is your name: idk_player?
3. If so, do you race aggressively with a player BrosUnitedSB?
4. If so, you are racing with my brother, and you should stop wrecking people xD

Eddie Benzee says:

lol it comes out the 3rd day of school rip

KyleBusch fan18 says:

yay I’m not the only person who is waiting for burnout footage

Nikki Ward says:

Looks exactly like heat 2. Looks boring no excitement. Nascar 09 and ’08 had better graphics, felt more like race day please bring EA back.

Brett Berch says:

Qualifying ai needs to be easier

Pure RED N BLUES RP says:

Yeah school stinks and I have it to.

John Adams says:

Are you going to do NH3 music playlist next

Pure RED N BLUES RP says:

I use cockpit view so I rely on relative since I use a wheel.

DaleJrFan_62 says:


Electronic Fire5 says:

It sucks they don’t have the inside working in Bristol

The Larson Fan 8842 says:

We went from lawnmower to noiceness

Nathancsx 75 says:

Game looks so good I can’t wait to do career mode let’s plays on Nascar heat 3 if you want them and have you seen my channel yet

DaleE988 says:

It looks like the car won’t break loose on you when you hit the transition on corner exit which is great. That made Bristol so annoying in NH2

Jorge Pertuz says:

not me im still off

NascarFan #2 says:

Good stuff, Good stuff

Pure RED N BLUES RP says:

Nice I think NH4 will be one of the best. But I think NH3 will b3 great

SaladSports says:


Jorge Pertuz says:

no me im still off

What In Carnation? 69 RAMSFAN LOGAN says:

It still sounds like shit

388 SBC says:

It doesn’t sound like a N/A car to me

What In Carnation? says:

Every time I open up your videos I forget your intro is so loud and I have my speakers up at full

Rip me

Zak103tv says:

Thank you for posting this

The Roblox Duo says:

I’m hoping I can get it

Fearninja828 says:

Idk to be honest this is the best NASCAR game of all time because in dirt to Daytona I believe that there is no burnouts but this has better graphics and what not but just my opinion

Bryan Mccormick says:

Far cam,chase cam suck,unless your going to run into everything. Learn to race with cockpit cam,makes it a way experience. This what’s wrong with the developers.They make it for the arcade view. Instead of different fov.We need a roof cam,helmet cam,adjustable?

Thomas Apple says:

When Victory Celebrations Where Confirmed, Who Thought Polish Victory Lap

Eddie Benzee says:

I pre order this cant wait!! oh wait… I don’t see the laps or positon on there.

Julio Cesar says:

Cant wait to buy man im excited will buy game + Hot Pass for PS4

chaseterct says:

I don’t know why they can’t add pj1 to the bottom grove of bristol

Idk Player says:


RPM Visuals says:

How did you manage to make an 8 minute video of 2 laps at Bristol..

Cole Albertson says:

I like how the spotter says have a good one but stull waiting for the burnouts

Darien Levi says:

can you stream today

nm copwatch says:

This game is gonna be so sick with my new wheel and pedal setup.

d F says:

They can hide bugs with the hood cam, it’s to not show the similarities between the games, look for a lot of the same jacked up games, things I look for is how twitchy the cars looks and also what the cars do under braking, I think the game isn’t meant to use brakes.

Josh Dude says:

did you think that Kurt Busch could really win at Bristol

Nathan Scott says:

Looks the same as Heat 2 in driving. Its like they dont look at the tracks. Where is the PH1?!

Chad King says:

Idk Player do you think 704games will give us some gameplay of burnouts soon

388 SBC says:

Sounds like a v10 or v12, a N/A v8 does not sound like that! Even at 8,000 rpm

Dustin Rowland says:

I wish the days would just fly by so I can play this game! Lol

XtraVanze X7 says:

Why not let’s Eutechnyx help with the engine sounds?
Or EA They did it right

XtraVanze X7 says:

Johnathan Says “BREAK IT DOWN!”

mike morabito says:

Wow just horrible no words to say

SamCoop78 says:

I wish I could get this. Btw I subbed.

X333Dylan333X says:

Wow you managed to milk a 87 second clip to make a 8 min vid about basically nothing

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