NASCAR AND F1 RACING IN BEAMNG?! – BeamNG Drive Thunder Valley Race Track Gameplay and Crashes

Finally an awesome Nascar style track for Beamng!
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The mastermind behind the All Things Everything maps is back at it again with an awesome race track perfect for nascar and F1 races! It just so happens we have some stock car skins for the Moonhawk and a freakin f1 car! (FR17). Let’s go racing!

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SOME INFO ABOUT: BeamNG features three modes: Scenarios, which are checkpoint-to-checkpoint-based races, Campaign Mode, which is a collection of small scenarios which are scored based on different factors such as damage, time, etc, and there is Free Roam Mode, the player can drive and crash several different vehicles on a few provided default environments. The game implements its soft-body physics to both control vehicle dynamics as well as to control the collisions between objects and vehicles.

Physics uses a real-time, soft-body dynamics physics structure to simulate its vehicles. Algorithms have been written for the physics equations to be carried out. Vehicles in the game consist of a soft-body, node-beam structure, similar to the vehicle structure in Rigs of Rods. The physics engine simulates a network of interconnected nodes and beams which combine to form an invisible skeleton of a vehicle with realistic weights and masses. In terms of soft-body physics, vehicles realistically flex and deform as stresses to the skeleton, such as impacts from collisions are applied. The game’s engine constantly calculates physics equations and problems in real-time during gameplay.


Intro/End Card Music:
Track: Jordan Schor – Cosmic (feat. Nathan Brumley) [NCS Release]
Music Curtesy of NoCopyrightSounds
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Hey guys, how’s it going? My name is Neil and I love anything were I get to smash, crash, explode or destroy stuff. I love playing automotive games such as BEAMNG Drive, Next Car Game Wreckfest, Burnout, Need for Speed, and many more. I try my best to upload at least once a day, sometimes two. I hope you find something here you enjoy, and I thank you for checking me out! Peace!


Gavin.howard says:

Awesome bid!

SovietOnion says:

Formula One on NASCAR tracks? That exists… Only Americans call it Indycar.

Sven Vught says:

Neil put the speedometer back

Mazder_ says:

0:40 if i do remember, that kid went to grow up and be a serial killer.
family friendly
also, F1 cars going around a circle could be considered INDY.

Gerald Lofton says:

at 4:36 you can see well recognized Beam.Ng YouTubers including Speirs and Neil

Ninjelly 360 says:

what’s the intro song??? Anyway, rule, Neilogical, Neilogical rules the games

viktor svensson says:

i love it when the front wheel axels gets broken on the F1 car, it looks like a pair of balls.

Colden McFly says:

Good video but I don’t like the new intro…

HighRevRyan says:

Neil you need to stop trying to cause crashes try avoiding things it adds a sense of realism in the race videos.

Bio Wolf says:

cars 1 recreation

DiegoTheGamerTV says:

Please try playing a game called crash wheels I think you would like it

Caden playz says:

You do mode set for the speed

Sans says:

I love the new intro but I also like the old one

ashley valenzuela says:

i like are show

Neilogical says:

Want more Beamng Nascar Racing? Like this video, my dude (you don’t have to)

cmg50538 plays says:

lol i live less than 1 hour away from Bristol motor speedway

AKGaming says:

I hate the new intro.

Mozarthecreator says:

This was pretty funny

Ashton Grogg says:

At 2:07 your logo is on the over pass over the track!!!

stupid random stuff says:

I don’t like the new intro

Anthelion Gaming says:

I liked your old intro music better

Immortal_Gamer370 Titan says:

go sub to me it’s immortal_gamer370

Falconbrogaming says:

you said rezen its ry-zen

TopNotch GAMER says:

Hey love your vids can you do more wreakfest if you can

Subaru Sti says:

Use the speedometer

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