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GTA 5 Online Gameplay by @DionDoes
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gowiin gagoo says:

Turn headphones all the way up

King S says:


UVAKID168 ! says:

Thats how you get dubs

360 Matt says:

Won 2 loss 203 that’s tuff

UVAKID168 ! says:

Be aggressive

Kentrell Samuel says:

Now I know why mav didn’t want to post gta they cheat to much

Solar x Eternal says:

18th like! Finally early!!!!

Marcus Saunders says:

it was sugarlishus

Frostbite Fury says:

Don’t say God,s name in vain

chris butler says:

I truly Miss these GTA races, and with all these bodies its to lite. Pls keep this up Mav.

Mischael Conserve says:

thanks xavier

Vaughn Sorrell says:

3:46, that wasn’t Trent’s fault lol

Pizza man Sam says:

This is lit with all those people


Good work mav tell mizzou to stop cheatin

Riley Santiago says:

#G1GB three years

RFPresents says:

When you do a wheelie on a bike it make it go faster

Aaron Clark says:

Pro tip if u do back flip off ramp it will make u go pretty far

Terry Williams says:

I was here during the live stream and it was amazing.

NZO says:

watched in the stream and im watching again here still dying lol

KvNG R0nni3 says:

U already know #5yearsstrong

360 Matt says:

Surprise that boyd not at the bottom of the screen

UVAKID168 ! says:

Imav, you need to start playing dirty

Simeon Blair says:

Loved the stream !

Donovan Abron says:


YFG._. SAVAGE says:


UVAKID168 ! says:

When they bump you, bump them back

Marcus Click says:

Please do more of these races.

FlyingFool says:


Mischael Conserve says:

do trent still have his car?

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