Muddledash – Race to the PARTY! (4 Player Beta Gameplay)

We play Muddledash! A cute octopus racing game where you have to get a gift to the party… and theres only one gift!

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KaiTheCarrotGuy '_' says:


Jyquin says:

Actually octopuses and octopi are both incorrect. Octopuses is used modernly because people are just terrible at speaking any language and are just lazy, and octopi is used because people think that octopus is a Latin word when in fact it is Greek. The Greek plural form of the word is octopodes, and that is the one and only correct form of the word.

duane dumdie says:

Is I wanted other by not series please I mean it I need it I need it I need it please leasing into the land in Minecraft please please if you say no please please huge please I love you guys see you whenever

Awesomeness Dom says:

Play more please!!!!!!!!

Thornton Newton says:

Atually Price, Octopodes is pronounced oc-TOP-o-dees

Kathleen Feliciano says:

That is kinda unfair. It should be the person who held it the longest. Holding it at the end should just give you bonus points ‘cuz Jaz had it for a very long time

Dana Cummins says:

I hope they play pixark

Spirit Warrior says:


Davood Sabihi Ahwaz says:


Eric Davis says:

You guys should play don’t bite me bro!

Andreas Mortensen says:

ålay pixark

Dartace2ace says:

You all get a thumbs up just for the end of the episode. Although i wish i could give you two since the rest of the video deserved one also.

Tyler Bremer says:

Neither are correct the correct term for more than one octopus is octopodies

Vip_ ss says:

It’s weird, I didn’t get notification of this video and I even clicked that bell icon before. I am looking at my notification list and there’s no mentioning of this game. It came on my home tab though. I also follow Many a true nerd and Yippiee ki yay Mr falcon and I got both of their notifications.

nessy says:

funny video guys!!! keep it up <3333

T A says:

Keep it real and chill


Hi Stumpt i love you so Mitch Thank you for stel doin video

TheRealMirCat says:

But are icecream octopodipuses sandwiches?

Broken Box says:


The Word Toast Is Always In My Name says:

Please at least make one more episode of this, I love these types of games, it kinda feels like Nidhogg if both were going the same direction.

SamYot 0_o says:

Looks fun! Hope do y’all more of these. (If y’all wants to, of course)

Joyce Yu Pegacorn says:


The Disabled Dog says:

If you pin me i shall dab on them haters like Jake Paul.

Btw i don’t support JP and notice my perfect grammar.

Neal Roberts says:

Dang, now I’m wondering what octopus ice cream tastes like…

Koopa Kaos says:

Looks fun.

Too bad i have no friends to play with…..

Wait, do voices in your head count??

Denis says:

I am from romania and i like you

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