MOPED RACE + TRYING TO STEAL THE YELLOW CAR! – My Summer Car Gameplay Update – EP 27

Welcome to Camodo Gaming’s Let’s Play of My Summer Car moped update gameplay. Today we are challenging the yellow car to a race on our moped. We then try to steal thew yellow car by towing it!

Do not use me as a tutorial because I’m lost half of the time. 😀

My Summer Car Episode 26:

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Guide I used:

My Summer Car:

Patch Notes:
-Fixed bug in handbrake that caused the inspection to fail every time
-Fixed problems with drinking and handling of Juice cans
-Fixed ODDITY with the Fleetari not being able to trigger his revenge, works now
-Made the duration much longer before Fleetari starts calling about his car
-Made a settings toggle for AI skidmarks
-Fixed unlimited sugar bug with Kilju bucket
-Fixed bug with passing out at the cottage
-Leveled the terrain at Peräjärvi and home pier to stop vehicles sliding into the lake
-Added moped (do not try to drive moped inside another vehicle, YOU WILL DIE)
-Added visual damage to Head Gasket to help diagnose destroyed Head Gasket
-Fixed issue with being able to drive Ferndale from rear seat
-Fixed a delay in fuelling process
-Fixed a bug where truck did not check the fuel level when starting the engine
-Added glovebox hatch and gas cap for Satsuma
-Fixed bug with steering wheel bolt referencing to distributor… don’t ask 😀
-Added more voice acting for Teimo
-Adjusted targeting of piss
-Added 2-stroke fuel to Teimo’s shop
-Boat consumes fuel now
-Added more Achievements and made distinctive icons for permadeath-only Achievements
-Made swamp deeper right next to the rail tracks
-Fixed issue with Kilju bucket colliding with vehicles
-Changed Kilju bucket starting position to the cottage
-Drivers Licence allows now single letter last names
-Added towing hooks to that yellow bastard car (well just for fun!)
-Added (brought back) camera, photos go to your Windows “Pictures” folder
-Fixed issue with vehicles not colliding each other properly when being towed

About This Game:

MY SUMMER CAR is the ultimate car owning, building, fixing, tuning, maintenance AND permadeath life survival simulator. You start the game with hundreds of loose parts and assemble both car and engine. Not only you need to maintain your car, but yourself as well. Sausages, beer and sleeping will do just fine.

If everything goes well, you have a working car which you can use for various 1990’s Finnish countryside summer activities. Basically doing stupid things under influence of alcohol. After you have gathered extra money from various random jobs, you can start to tune and upgrade the car with parts ordered via snail mail. You can turn the car into a obnoxious bass-boom disco machine…. or into a rally car to participate rally competitions… or just fix it into perfect factory condition. Of course car also needs to pass the inspection or you might get into trouble with police.

Not only you have access to one car, but also several other cars and vehicles which you can use. (Mostly useful to get groceries and for towing the project car from some ditch, again).

Warning, this game is not for fainted heart. Severe car fever is required to play this properly due to it’s autistic approach on car building.

Full car assembly with over hundred parts
Detailed driving and engine simulation
Various other vehicles, cars and boat to use and drive
Dozens of kilometers worth of dirt and paved roads with AI traffic
Random paying jobs to cover food, beverage and fuel expenses
Rally event to participate in
Permanent death
Sauna bathing
90’s Finnish summer!
Support for steering wheel and shifter controllers
Much more!

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Breaktime – Silent Film Light by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (


Keyvon Hess says:

did you cus

Viktor Lindell says:

Where did you find the moped?

The Redstone reaper gamer says:

Hi camodo

Colin Van Tilburg says:

Hit a ramp with the moped

Patriotic Gamer says:

Take all the time you need…
Just know you make all of your subs laugh have a good week

Jack Sumner says:

see if it gets destroyed​ by a train

Lewis Johnson says:

do a rally with it

Dj Gaming says:

Hi bro

Evan Rules says:

Nice video camodo. U should use the moped as a missile and go off a jump into someone

2015 Fishing says:

Clean up your house and the store

Rasmus Hedberg says:

mini moped bro

GamerNot FoundRoblox says:

5th one to like the video

John Unkown says:

Camodo Gaming You should Get extremely drunk and ride the moped

Jens Mulder says:

Can you try driving the moped in the water?

Toyota Hilux says:

Do donuts with the mini bike!

Blobby king says:

no problem you do so good

westley2016 says:


yassers adel says:

omg u reached 75k last week u were 60k well done

ThemeParkAdventures01 says:

Great video camodo, love the game too!

dhani 421 says:

when you broke your van window on the start is it on purpose or accident

Vidar Mors says:

I swear you have the worst luck sometimes haha glad to see you back hope everything’s getting better for you bud

LhageGT says:

Camodo can you drive the moped in the lake i wonder what will happend and try to kill a cop my running over it whit the moped. And if you can do it drunk.

Zombiekilla123 says:

I rushed to get through my homework so I could watch your latest video #Schoolsucks.

64 Diamonds says:

how was vaca you seem like your having fun

epiphonium says:

I love the driving view, like van surfing.  The two wheeled thing weighs almost 300 pounds I bet.  The No-ped rules !

Mr ElkkuYT says:

It’s moped. Seems like Suzuki PV

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