Let’s Race [Rank 8 Johnson] | ᵀˢH̶awk̶E̶y̶e Johnson Gameplay and Build #2 Mobile Legends

Let’s Race [Rank 8 Johnson] | ᵀˢH̶awk̶E̶y̶e Johnson Gameplay and Build #2 Mobile Legends.
#MLBB #Johnson #Hawkeye #Saiyan #Toprank #Topranked #Rank8

Player : ᵀˢH̶awk̶E̶y̶e
Team : Teamsaiyan0
Battle Spells : Arrival
Build : Warrior Boots, Cursed Helmet, Blade Armor, Athena’s Shield, Immortality, Ancient Ghostatue.
Highest Rank : Mythical Glory

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Hotaru Hikari says:

Wow lawan squad idiot

fery maul says:

selanjutnya gatot dong bang

ηуχ ッ says:

yay to Johnson!
I love him when he’s my teammate

gabriel tarcaya says:

Sos el mejor te sigo desde Argentina

Tenorio Jessie says:

ID: 77634371 (2144)
IGN: AnakNaLasi
SKIN: cherry witch kagura

Afiq Aziz says:

4:14 gilalah

Alif Hafizuddin says:

Lol 4:14

Geometry says:

Gatotkaca or Johnson?

SmallTitan Crew says:

Please send Argus no1 player pleasee

DeputyRed says:

Buff johnson

Neilans says:

Xdxdxd third

Choi Minkeun says:


JosH DavE says:

4:15 that drift thooo

Yusuf Putra says:

ke lima (Gk tau bahasa English ny :v)

Azrai Samsudin says:

Hey… Top player zilong… Skywee

endaн ғιтrι says:

Sad im not first

T. Jaąckal says:

Im surprised the police doesnt catch him because of underage

Geometry says:

Gatotkaca or Johnson? Help choice oneeee

Sorry Noob says:

4:23 nice drive

Euan Sarion says:

Pls do rank 1 saber next thank you hope you read this

HOAX Vlog says:

4:15 what a kontol eh control

Ary Yakub says:

So fun to watch!

Viral From Aldebaran says:

Moskov next!


I ❤️ mobile moba thx that you have a yt Channel

Juan Gonzalez says:


Mr ᴀsʜʀᴀғ says:

Idola siak



Syahmizal 88 says:

Something’s wrong with this video

Hail 해일 says:

5:02 lag

Hail 해일 says:

n dont forget 6:09..

fairy handsome says:

finally mobile moba upload Johnson gameplay
…I search for it but just have a long time ago…..sorry for my bad English…..I hope u will do more gameplay about Johnson tq

FuzionVoid says:

85th haha sorry late

Hotaru Hikari says:

Itu kan top 1 Nana?

Malik Topan says:


sal says:

u guys should try johnson + lapu-lapu combo. guaranteed triple kills.

pknoobown18 says:

4:14 pro johnson

ɪᴄʀᴇᴀᴍꜱ says:

Best asian driva

DemiGodz 694 says:

4:13-4:20 driver without a license

Hamidi Ahmad says:

First? hahaha. Can you send argus gameplay please..

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