LEGO LAND MINE RACE! – Brick Rigs Gameplay & Multiplayer Race!

Lego Land Mine Race – Brick Rigs Multiplayer Gameplay!

Racing through Lego Land Mines in Brick Rigs! This is a Multiplayer Race challenge where we have to avoid being hit by little mines. Who will get through this Race Challenge first?

☆Beautiful OB:
☆Camodo Gaming:

More Brick Rigs:

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About Brick Rigs:

“Brick Rigs is a sandbox lego building game that allows you to build many kinds of vehicles, including cars & planes! From a variety of bricks and experience their dynamic driving and destruction physics in a sandbox environment even in multiplayer!”

Brick Rigs Steam Download:

☆Creation Credits / Downloads:☆
★Hot Rod – Batteries★
★Ramp Car – Batteries★
★Swat Truck – Michael★
★El Camino – Batteries★
★Scooter – CoyCoy★
★Mine Field – BlueFlame★
★Checkpoint – Uriah★

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Evans Oscar says:

make more vids spy with camodo and o.b plz

Burak Fidan says:

ob cheated

Bigmac62387 says:

I think you need a bigger ramp

silly soricer gaming says:

Do a dog fight with flying bases

batteries says:

Great video as always. The suprise tires on the Extreme Hot Rod give it a lot more stability and grip in straight lines.

TheSavageMaveriick says:

Spy I have that El Camino too 😀

are you really a spy that spies on cakes or are you telling us to “spycakes”?

Blake Baker says:

Evans Oscar says:

make more vids spy with camodo and o.b plz

Mikestion says:

counting to banana.
that’s the smartest thing i’ve heard today and i just woke up.

Rafael Delgado says:

You should make battles between two persons on ships

bvk Cars says:

Where is scrap mechanick ?!?!?!?!?!?!

Evans Oscar says:

make more vids spy with camodo and o.b plz

Finestjosh says:

14:35 the next john cena move

King Death says:

110 to comment

Euree studio's says:

well this is similar to mad max

Say a word says:

O.b being so savage

BLUEHUSKY baddaz says:

This is dake channel because i already subscribed to spy and it showed subscribe button again and i been subscribed to spy

The gaming Crocodile says:

Hi lol

TheGreenCat says:


Nathan’s Blanket fort channel says:

This would have more of a action impact on me if they weren’t spasming around in grandma scooters

SpyCakes says:

Land Mine race in Brick Rigs! Let’s dodge some mines with Camodo and OB! What would you like to see next?

*More Brick RIgs!*

rellyali 420 says:

Race car

Lily Efendy says:

spy’s second vehicle is rolling coal

homie cat confirmed says:

3 bobs?????? #notificationsqaud #getspycakesto200ksubsbefore2018

Caleb Tardif says:

you should do a multiplayer colony survivel

chris watts says:

Feliz Navidad /merry christmas

Anthony Valdez says:

Well…. it was sudden death.

Euree studio's says:

you should do deadly speed racer

Toxicitii Gaming Roblox & More! says:

Ttitle: LEGO LAND mine race!

Enyer villibord says:


Stryder Falk says:


Jack Knipe says:

do a face reveal.

Saufie Hafiz says:

I love your videos so much:-)

Henrik Raben says:


Arhaan Arif says:

Spy do a ground vs air battle tomorrow

best Burrito says:

spy and o.b your my frafirt youtubers in the world

Remington 870 says:

Remember the Risky Road from the board game “Life”? Now he kills LEGO people.

takım elbiseli tavuk says:

Do 3 bob deathmatch (all vericles allowed

Lisa says:

Spy cakes you’re the best

Minecraft PRO says:


The gaming Crocodile says:

Hi lol

Evans Oscar says:

make more vids spy with camodo and o.b plz

night fury says:

Multiplayer lego worlds

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