LEGO LAND MINE RACE! – Brick Rigs Gameplay – Multiplayer City Race! – User Creations

Welcome to another amazing Brick Rigs multiplayer Gameplay video! In this episode, we do a Lego Land Mine through the city, which is covered with Land Mines! We also show off some of the best lego user creations in brick rigs as well as a ton of funny moments! I hope you enjoy this awesome lego land mine multiplayer race in our brick rigs gameplay!

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Curious about Brick Rigs? Check out the Steam Description of Gameplay:

Brick Rigs allows you to build many kinds of vehicles from a variety of bricks and experience their dynamic driving and destruction physics in a sandbox environment in this brick rigs gameplay video about lego multiplayer land mine race!
It doesn’t matter if you want to build an dragster, a fire engine, a forklift, a helicopter, a plane or even a tank it will drive, break and function as you would expect it in this kid friendly brick rigs video about lego multiplayer land mine race.

The multiplayer mode allows you to experience these physics together with your friends. You can race other players, organize demolition derby’s or battle each other in a dog fight, the rules are up to you in this family friendly brick rigs video about lego multiplayer land mine race!

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Keep in mind that this Brick Rigs gameplay video is kid friendly and family friendly, so if you leave a comment on this video, keep that in mind! Be sure to check out other awesome gameplay videos on my channel aside from Brick Rigs, as all my stuff is family friendly!

I also play many Lego Games on my channel that include cool features similar to Brick Rigs, Like Lego City which has some really cool lego trains and is perfect for young children looking for family friendly content to watch!

The cool thing about Brick Rigs is all the awesome user creations that really add to the gameplay value! With User Creations being a part of Brick Rigs, the gameplay is endless! We can spawn many cool creations in like trains, lego vehicles and much more! Brick Rigs is also an awesome game because of how kid friendly it is, Brick Rig’s gameplay is acceptable for any age!

I would really love to show case more Brick Rigs User Creations in my future gameplay videos, so make sure to leave a like if you enjoyed this episode of Brick Rigs and would like to see more gameplay from me! Also let me know what you thought of the Lego Trains used in this video and if you have any suggestions for more kid friendly user creations to showcase in my brick rigs gameplay videos!

Doing lego multiplayer land mine race is amazing because we get to save people and trucks and trains! We have a ton of awesome Lego multiplayer land mine race when it comes to lego and a ton of amazing trains and user creations are shown! I hope you all enjoy this lego multiplayer land mine race of our Brick Rigs Gameplay!

Brick Rigs is also constantly getting updated, which keeps refreshing the gameplay! Water Physics are being added to the gameplay soon which will bring the possibility to have boats and water based vehicles! Imagine playing Brick Rigs using Lego creations from the steam workshop in brick rigs! The possibilities will be endless!

I hope you all enjoyed this Brick Rigs Gameplay episode showcasing Lego Trains found on the user creations part of steam! If you would like more kid friendly gaming and family friendly gameplay of brick rigs from me, make sure to subscribe, turn on notifications and check out more of my brick rigs videos on YouTube!

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Thanks again for watching my Brick Rigs Gameplay! Please enjoy this kid friendly Lego multiplayer land mine race in the city which showcases some of the best lego user creations known to brick rigs! And remember to watch out for those land mines!


Coupsuper plays says:

can u play more beam ng

Devin Clark says:

im 6th one to say to say hi yay and hi guys and ob hope we uave good Christ mist

Crazy Gaming says:

Epic cheating skills, O.B!

Nucletide _ says:

Hi ob nice video keep up the good work

twocvbloke says:

Now of your cars had mines attached to the corners, that’d make it much more interesting, seeing if ou can avoid hitting things incase you set them off… 😛

Roblox Aleksa says:


gaming gamer gamin 17 says:

hay ob can u do more ylands im loving it 🙂

matt30707 says:

4:09 old man laugh by camodo

Jacob Mitchell says:


Ian Atencio says:

Do a battle with guns on the train in the city

Hoody Gold says:

Ob you should try and find a Bugatti veryon in the workshop

ziedzieko andales says:

😀 I Subscribed And Nice Video

Nick Shattuck says:

Ob can u play more LEGO worlds but free play

squid gamer says:

I love your brickrigs

Xavier Marken says:

Last. 🙁

JDfan59810 says:

I’m third

Thucydides Antonio says:

i like rally racing

Carl Ull says:


thecreeper lord says:

first finily

player cars2die says:

Im 4th 🙂

Fernando Fuentes says:

Do more is so funny

Wyatt Miller says:

You should get a huge flying base and put 2 people on it and the other 2 on the ground shooting it down and the 2 in the sky defending it planes allowed for people trying to shoot it down

Jake Wright says:

i love your videos sooooooooooooooooooo much

Coupsuper plays says:

o.b u the best youtuber ever

Donovan Coty says:

OB you won that foot race

vehicle simulator 2017 says:

play some more conducts Deluxe

Paksi Muhammad says:

Set your engine.get set. And Gwait a second I need to use my camera k done a gwait need to make burger.racer:”uuuughhh cmon”.me:”wait a sec OK”.1 hour later. me=”done *looks at the road and nobody was there anymore cuz I was baking the burger for to long*well race is over…..and the winner is me yaaaaay”

dimas time says:

Yay it’s Mr. Tire

Jacob Levi Cronan says:

Your the best youtuber ever

matt30707 says:

3:18 good save ob

matt30707 says:

How did yellow smoke come out of ob’s car

Thorin Oakenshield says:

Hey O. B. You should get together with spy and do brick rigs Swat storming a building

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