LAWNMOWER SURVIVAL RACE & CRAZY AI MOD! – Next Car Game: Wreckfest Release Gameplay – Wrecks & Races

LAWNMOWER SURVIVAL RACE & CRAZY AI MOD! – Next Car Game: Wreckfest Release Gameplay – Wrecks & Races

Welcome to Camodo Gaming’s Let’s Play of Next Car Game: Wreckfest! This is a demo derby car simulation game.

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About WreckFest:

Wreckfest is a demolition derby themed racing game with soft-body damage modeling, sophisticated driving dynamics and in-depth vehicle upgrading, featuring both demolition derbies and more traditional track races. It’s all about fun, breakneck racing and over-the-top crashes.

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Bruce Schibline says:

20:03 It is at this moment that you have realized that you have messed up.

Eben Breggeman says:

Can you please do school bus with tractor would be funny

Liam Clyde says:


Dielan Clorkee says:

10:29 finished with one health

Evi Riv says:


Dielan Clorkee says:

19:07 Phil Swift loves it

Deanna Hendrickson says:

Can you do another stormworks plane crash survival

David Espy says:

have it on competitive{hardest} difficulty and be as aggressive as you can.

Kyle ze Gamer says:

Do pinball taladaga with buses

Quade Lutze says:

Hey Camodo can you please play with a harvester or bus or a tractor please

Clay Moore says:

Lawn mowers and big hammer

Evi Riv says:

The crash dry thing

Brycen Owens says:

U should do pin ball mode

Kyler Hart says:

Do harvester and lawnmowers

Natsuki says:

My idea:
Car: Double Decker
Track: Crash Alley or Figure 8 w/ Hammer
Mod: Moon Gravity

Beware Randoms says:

who saw the coke zero 400 race yesterday?

Bulb Playz says:

That car got…. Drilled?

Lukenuke'em says:

Try the harvester and mow anyone down

George Lu says:

the hammer figure eight with pinball, moon gravity, and lawnmowers

Liam Clyde says:


camodo plays says:

Bus and harfester

Lori Jones says:

You’re the best at setting the vibe

Tanya Hoyt says:

How old are you

McPug Gaming says:

Can you please play blur its a racing game.its also multiplayer.

Andrew Neil Carpenter says:

Fun as always! Plus, I do believe the lawnmower *is* capable of surviving the multiple jumps on the (new two days ago) bonebreaker track, so a survival race with the crazier AI would be rather splendid. 😀

henk de steen says:

do this, on bonebraker valley, with pinball mod and you on lawnmower

Kolter Kelly says:

do portal 2

Samuel's Fate says:

Can you do a mixed AI Demolition Derby?
I’d really love to see that.

Jack Cheverton says:

Bus on last race plz

Timothy John Iro Matakaiongo says:

You should be Harvester and the Max buses that you can put on the track

TrackMaster 914 says:

(5:43) Dear God! There’s a lawn mower!

Kyledabomb347 says:

My new favorite thing commodo has ever said NO NOT THE HARVESTER!!!

Camodo Gaming says:

I hope you enjoy this episode of Wreckfest! What races would you like to see next?
Did you see today’s Gmod Massive Tornado video?

Brycen Owens says:

U have to do that track on multiplayer

Handre Strydom says:

It is a new track

Bluegamer Productions says:

Kinda sounds like breakfast instead of wreckfest

Alex Smith says:

Hiiiiiii love your vids

William Vlogs and Gaming says:

You should do a video of your top 5 wreck fest tracks and da a race on each on. Love your videos

Custom SlashRC says:


Alex Hudson says:

do harvester you vs lawnmowers on a demo derby

Preston Gonzales says:

That track bone something is new.

Anthony Horne says:

it’s my birthday today and I loved this video

Striker 24 says:

Welcome back to another episode of breakfast

Jonathan Lewis says:

Wreckfest got me into your channel

MISFITsTMEG9 hi says:

Ura noob at this mode

Dat blue CREEPER says:

Comodo you should in the next video drive the lawnmower and have all the ai be the harvester.

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