MotoGP Online – Incredible battles & Crashes!

SNAPCHAT – Tiametmarduk

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Equipment I use:
Capture Card: Elgato HD60
Thrustmaster TX 458 Italia Wheel (Xbox One)
Thrustmaster T150 Racing Wheel (PS3/PS4)

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Benjamin Daly
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The Doges says:

How’s the Honda goin

SwiftEscudo says:


Quentyn Gibson says:

R.I.P Ryan

Luca Garcez says:

Love it!

Ege Çağdaş Aladağ says:


AngryRasin says:

Accelerate later mate… when you open up the throttle on a bike it takes traction away from the front and sits up… net result you start going wide unless you’re spinning the rear to counter it… smooth on and a little later and you’ll complete turns a little better… also you’re entering corners from far too tight… just doesn’t work on bikes… they need space to turn.

Aceirin says:

i never laughed so hard seeing someone flying off the bike 😀

Saurav Mohapatra says:

1:22 ” AI CARS ” ? nice Ben.

Daniel Daniel says:

Personally I think that. Pro motogp player must be mastering f1 games.
But pro f1 player cannot mastering motogp games.

Dylan Lyons says:

try to use he wheel for motogp aas a challange video

Preaflex says:

Stay on 4 wheel mate! Keep training for be the best f1 driver

Akmal Ibrahim says:

Lol, the hell does Jared think he’s playing? Forza?

Also, F for Ryan.

Decimus Maximus says:

1:21 he came into contact with another ‘car’. Ben where dafuq are you seeing a car mate

Autmax97CSGO says:

1:20 + AI Cars? o.O F1 kicks in..

Miguel Malveiro says:


Zakk White says:

Get a room

Sgarky says:

Rip Jarad you Shall be missed.

Wesley Kamerman says:

Please start a career mode

Kieran Bennett says:

F for Ryan

For flopping like JD’s internet

Blame says:

shit graphics, looks like a game from 2010.

fixer10091994 says:

Respectable drivers my ass, every 5 year old can drive fast in the f1 games. You suck ass

Matthew Worrall says:


brandondenbleker says:

How is it with Esport

Patrick James says:

The physics look funny when they crash. Haha. They get all stiff as a board and s**t.
Funny video though. lol

Pooja Patil says:

It was hilarious seeing Jared..!! Stick to F1..!! 😛

M. R. says:

This game seems like it would be easier with a controller than F1, doesn’t it?

Erik Jakobsson says:

Yes 93, thats my number in all sports I play

pintail102 says:

I suck at F1 2017 and Project Cars 2 and don’t know yet if I want to buy another racing game I most likely will suck at know matter how much I practice. Might wait a year for a sale, just on the fence really.

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