HUGE DEMOLITION DERBY – Brick Rigs multiplayer Gameplay – Lego Demolition Derby & Race challenge

Huge demolition derby in Brick Rigs multiplayer gameplay

Huge demo derby and race in Brick Rigs multiplayer gameplay! This is a huge scale multiplayer challenge where we race and demolition derby in the Lego city against online players. Will SpyCakes win in racing and the demo derby or will he be last in the race?

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A lego sandbox building game that allows you to build many kinds of vehicles, including cars & planes! From a variety of bricks and experience their dynamic driving physics in a sandbox environment even in multiplayer! Roleplay with friends, do rescue missions, survival and more!

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The Neon Pandae says:

This is the best video i have ever seen on your channel

Diego Bertolino says:

it should be a mad max banger two big rigs rest are cars by the players design

Super_ Robloxplayer says:


Mason Gonzalez says:

I love you you’re my favorite YouTuber

Luke Tampus says:

I always love it when there’s alot of Bobs!


spy huge tank battle

MartinSvK says:


Marcy Baker says:

Hey just bot some of your murch

Birinder Gill says:

I have not watched your videos

Believe 54 says:

State of decay pls

Evan Joe Neri says:


Pewds says:

I swear he sounds like napkin nate.

beaver 252 says:

How does UR computer not explode with this stuff happening.

herobrine herobrine says:

airplane cash in the home..

Jake Johnson says:

your video is so funny

beaver 252 says:

*clicks* noice

Joshia Pulphus says:

Spycakes do on their tank battle

naiym najwa says:

but in brick rigs

naiym najwa says:

play another masive multiplayer in baldi school and all baldi caharter in the real game

beaver 252 says:

Your playing with famous brick rigs workshop builders. Noice

Toai Phan says:

Do more stranded deep spycake

MightyCarlos LP says:

O.B JUST JOINED MY SERVER AND LEFT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lukas Vystrcil says:

Hi spy please make football with cars

Super_ Robloxplayer says:

You should have been blue because your profile is blue

SuperWolfyGamer Minecraft, Roblox, And more says:


SpyCakes says:

Massive scale demolition derbies and racing in Brick Rigs! This was chaos but hopefully you all enjoyed. What would you like to see next in Brick Rigs that is huge scale?

omer rasheed says:


Dick N Vicki Caster says:


Kuya Gabion says:

I subbed

Joshia Pulphus says:

Spycakes do it another tank battle

Ralph Amold Cabrera says:

Cool vid spy and camodo and ob and keep a good work on your vids hope you will have billion subs

Jolly Reyno says:

Spy play roblox plss

ThatOneLaser Azotillo says:

After ever intro, I really want some cake

charles nadera says:

number 4 wood wow

Patricio Ramos says:

Tank battle with a Lot of people

RainbowCraft I play roblox says:


Junne Byrum says:

Make your own server

mr. anonymous says:

Hay spy can you do a desth race? I mean cars with guns?

Say Kim Ng says:

Can I smash the like button with all your videos?

Chokito Ovalles says:

you should do more… YLANDS PLEASE

ThatOneLaser Azotillo says:

Can you guys do a team battle but killing each other with guns?

Joshia Pulphus says:

Spycakes do another tank battle

cool boy says:

please play duck season

Travis Mackey says:

What happened to tiny town vr?

Waffle Guy 6789 says:

Literally “Carma”

Godzilla Fan says:


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