GTA Online – NEW TRANSFORM RACES Funny Moments! (New Race Gameplay)

GTA Online – NEW TRANSFORM RACES Funny Moments! (New Race Gameplay)

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Ultimate Brotherhood says:

Is it me or does his voice sound really deep?

Frosty Gaming says:

What is the song

Reddeadskull 80 says:

You don’t sound like you in this

the joker says:

never heard a grown man screamin GET OUTTA ME so much before lol.

Fuckthatnigganomix says:

awesome vid! need moar!

Dean Keys says:

hey dat saints fan you should do more videos on other games besides gta or rdr becuase when gta is dead your channel dies with it

FaZe Pre says:

loved it i was laughing so hard you deserve more views and subs

Hassan Delbani says:

Do morrreee

Michael Harris says:

Have exploded multiple times when transforming, as well as being spawned in a car upside down a few times. Seems too glitchy and pay out sucks.

Toa Furno says:

Seems like Cockstar have run out of ideas and are now copying The Crew 2.

RAG's Eighteen says:

welll broo m not bein rude, just telling u or lik adviceing , take it however i dont mean no harm…so learn to fly better by watching the channel
” jelly ” he has 7.06 million subs so yea…

ChrisxWavvyy says:

Who makes your thumbnails

GhillieMaster says:

Quantum’s alive!?

ItsCaskey 408 says:

Tbh the whole video wasn’t even funny

AdzBoyzz says:

You should do more videos like this it would boost your channel!

Trueomega says:

Did you get so drunk you thought you were Jelly?

MaximumRageQuit says:

What vehicle came out this week?

thesupersonicstig says:

Copying Vanoss now? Smh

Kamran Ahmed says:

U should do more vids like this, it shows ur real self

iOnyx9 says:

Make more videos with your boy’s

Filda Nečesaný says:

Fuck with this *****,new vehicle is very Better!!!!!!

PNDMC Productions says:

I really enjoy keegan! Please do more of these and hopefully with him too! 😀

Supercell Legend 27 says:

Nice video do more of this

arissa zamora says:

Why the hell does his voice sound so different?

Trevor Philips says:

Great video I think you enjoyed making it and everyone appreciated that you were doing some fun gameplay not just news

Mr. Lonely says:

Guys, I’m still trying to find where it gets funny. Work in progess

Joshua Vargas says:

More of this

Simon Atherton-Hayes says:

does any one know how to kick people whilest on a bike ? i am a 360 user

the_stefan_man says:

best video of him ever

Blondjes tfm says:

Wtf his voice

Rãzinho Fofo says:


The Car Guy says:

Is it just me that didnt know saints fans name was Austin? (I’ve been watching him for a year and a half)

TrippyPlayz TM says:

This was actually really good Saintsfan! More “Funny Moments” please!? 🙂

II G1NG3R II says:

This actually a good video do more of these videos @DatSaintsFan

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