GRIP Combat Racing Campaign Part 1 – Speed Demons | PS4 Pro Gameplay

Rollcage inspired action packed fun, Let me know if you wanna see more!
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FN H8iT says:

glad it made it to consoles! Ive been playing this for about a year now. have a few videos posted as well. good fun, i like the deathmatch arena 🙂

Anderson O Cardoso says:

I like this Taser gun (car) visual tho.

Stoney M says:

the 1st race it’s like 291mph average and max speed is like 400mph

lordjemjon says:

more please

ReaperWolf68 says:

I duno why but one of my fav details back on Rollcage on ps1 was the tire marks and smoke from burning rubber. Im glad thats still emphasized here. Been wanting someone to revitalize the Rollcage series. Dream come true for sure.

TheYeezy750Pizza says:

7:03 it says he’s in last but he won?

HashySlash says:

What do you get when you take the classic Rollcage game and fuse it with the insane speed of F-Zero? You get this. 😀

Scott McLaughlin says:

“what do you mean level 10” This your first video game bro

Stargate 246 says:

Look like Mega Race 2 on pc
But this game is cool for 4 players

topple says:

Used to play A VERY SIMILAR game, back when, on a super old pc. Anyone recall the name?

mGoDe -100 says:

Better than fortnite

natural bait says:

One of my favorite games. Already own it on PC (early access) but I ordered a PS4 version too. The game is absolute madness in MP with 9 other players, mayhem everywhere.
Nice to see that it runs this smooth on PS4 too. It is very interesting to see a few tracks that we couldn’t play in the early access this early into the campaign already.
Also you are doing pretty good for a new player. At 19:55 is a known (purely visual) bug, it always shows the result of the first race for every completed race in a tournament, Points are counted correctly.

I’d like to mention though that there are a quite few things in the game that the tutorial doesn’t cover at all:
– You can manually reset (teleport) your car onto the track. I think on the PS4 it should be mapped to the touch pad, just hold it for a short time.
– There is a green bar around the speedometer that fills up. It represents nitrous that can be consumed to have a slightly higher acceleration. It refills slower the better your position is.It should be mapped to one of the “geometric buttons” ( X, triangle, etc). I don’t know which one exactly.
– The cars have the ability to compress their suspension and then push themselves off the surface they are driving on. It would allow you to jump to the ceiling at 21:00. Every wheel of the car has to touch ground for this to work. Probably mapped to one of the geometric buttons too.
– Pickups can be supercharged. If you have (unused) items in both slots you can sacrifice one pickup to enhance the other by holding the button of the pickup you want to charge.

Edit: Forgot about the launch start. It is activated if you press the accelerator just before the “GO!” at the count down.
Even more Edit: if you tap the brake while in the air you gain air control over your car. You can pitch it up and down and roll it in the air

koosa583622 says:

just shut the fuck up dude, i can’t find the gameplay without some asshole talking all the time, youtube’s a mess these days

lyes arrad says:

how can I buy it on Xbox

Fabio Patti says:

bello vero, Xbox gratis. ps4 si paga.

The glitch cult says:

Hold triangle to use your boost.

Xander Park says:

Cool game, not many people even know about this release , absolutely zero advertising. I’ll definitely snag a copy for PS4 Pro

Charls D_F says:

firebugs 2

Derangedxzombie says:

Wouldn’t have known this existed if I didn’t type into the Amazon search bar “ps4 racing games”.abs scroll down a page or two. I still have Rollcage on ps1 somewhere, wonder why they couldn’t use the same name.

TheMetaVirus says:

The game gave me an eyegasm, which means I love it

Marty says:

Quick question. Did you unlock the trophy for winning a race?

HIEN VLC says:

rollcage (L)

Berkley Stein says:

looks boring as hell, remember the good ol days with “P.O.D.” and “Xtreme G”

Forty 4 says:

Just subbed, I’ll be playing this game cheers!

Randy Bradley says:

Thanks for the upload and saving me $56.50.

Notorious Goblin says:

Rollcage PS4 version.

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