Gran Turismo Sport – ONLINE RACE #1 Dragon Trail: Seaside Beta Gameplay @ 1440p (60ᶠᵖˢ) HD ✔

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Gran Turismo Sport Online beta gameplay. SLS AMG Gr.4 on track Dragon Trail – Seaside

Beta participants will get a sneak peek at how the Gran Turismo will pave the future of racing, competing in highly competitive races against other users across the country, and eventually, across the globe.

Participants will be able to choose from a select rotation of cars and tracks each day to race online against others during the beta phases. Track and car selections will vary during this period, and we made sure to offer different race class categories and course configurations to properly test our GT fans!

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Kinkeido Now says:

no collition? a ghost race?

Jamaluddin Lagi says:

Sounds like broken landmower and the sky box is dull and flat. Car reflections are low res, I don’t think it will compete with forza… Sorry

Ast vom Baum says:

I wish they’d make a Forza Horizon clone and not this arcade – sim- mix bullshit again

Arcade Players TV says:


Cad1llac Status says:

The online racing is done right in this game. Unlike the shit forza bumper cars make the cars go ghost about time

Alexander FG says:

Tão “inovador” que os carros passam por dentro uns dos outros, não colidem. É isso, depois de tanto tempo que quer tentar competir com Forza? Lamento, Sony, mas não será dessa vez.

Mika Vaillant says:

Great race, mate !

Evgen Moskowskij says:


Bon Futur says:

why is it that sometimes you go threw people and other times you dont

l Hype l says:

when is this supposed to release

Foxiol says:

“Online multiplayer racing simulation experience” Turns OFF collisions…amazing.

Your Angelica says:

I love you!

uegafly says:

So arcade…
Beautiful graphics… nothing more.

Kamille says:

lul this game still using 2D backdrops like if we’re still in 1997.

SaltTM says:

that mountain skybox looks so bad, everything else seems okay though.

kosten2050 says:

wtf,,,,,,,,,,????? ps3???????? in 2017??????? lolo ha ha

ashtonjackfanny says:

if this game doesn’t have collision physics then Sony needs to scrap the game wtf

emperador dark says:

like pero el juego es aburrido

ps4 sucks xbox sucks dik pc sucks says:

worst shit ewer

Baduday TV says:

Awesome graphics as always for GT games…

Jeutex says:

To be sincere, gt sport looks pretty meh, sorry. I was expecting much more.

Dave M says:

it’s all the same shit but with improved aesthetics . Pack in more depth.

Gabriel Oliveira says:

jogo foda tou ansioso pra q lance logo adoro a franquia Gran turismo

Svein Olav Larsen says:

Car still sounds like a power tool and not a xxx horse powered monster car…

turkish frog says:

a jewel

RajmanGaming HD says:

NOTE: This was one of my first online races, I also dont play many racing titles. Please also note this is all beta gameplay =)

luckyx360 says:

this doesn’t have ps4pro advantages yet

StAyX1 says:

Without collisions?

Matt says:

Song name from the beginning?

Egino Egino says:

Are you playing with a controller or a steering wheel?

ps4 sucks xbox sucks dik pc sucks says:

ps4 pro sucks dik

hvd iv says:

oh look the ps3 upscaled….lmao.still not out yet?…lmao

Link10103 says:

First time ive heard of a no collision mechanic in an online race.

ps4 sucks xbox sucks dik pc sucks says:

grant torizmo sucks dik

Jungle ́Gameplay lol says:

Remaster de PS3?

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