Gran Turismo Sport Gameplay: My First Online Races

GT Sport PS4 Pro Gameplay – Daily Races

SNAPCHAT – Tiametmarduk

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Thrustmaster TX 458 Italia Wheel (Xbox One)
Thrustmaster T150 Racing Wheel (PS3/PS4)

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William Elliott says:

this is what i think about non contact

Aslan Hasan says:

The penalty system is complete rubbish

Charlie Burrows says:

You’re lucky – since Thursday 19th I’ve played 2 online races. The rest I qualified and it either crashed whilst matchmaking or just pushed me back to main screen. Major problem across the World apparently, with servers just not being able to handle matchmaking. Considering it’s 98% online, this is poor. I love the way it drives but I’m not bothered about “lack of content”. I’m bothered about not being able to play online. Just waiting until they patch it or sort the servers out – I’m just hoping it doesn’t lose the audience and we’re left with a couple of hundred players.

ネギ&FISH says:

that 9 second penalty was given when you hit the R.S.01 and he spun out after hitting the outside wall. it does costs a lot of your sportmanship rating…

Triantalex says:

Not F1 tho..

PSJamie says:

F1 2010 music <3

George jakob says:

Fucking Finally yes ! Ben plays GT!

Ashley Isel says:

what intro does he use?

Obito Uchiha says:

Looks very nice but sadly Sony are anti consumer pricks
Console Exclusive: Irrelevant

Alex Buckenham says:

This game looks horrific. The grass and gravel are flat textures

Allyn Preece says:

Is traction control on? Was always auto on in the last GT game until you changed it in the car settings

Mathias Presthagen says:

Great video! Keep the GT Sport videos coming!

Rapid Iguana says:

please make an etiquette video on f1 2017. these noobs are killing my will to live

chrisbeare66 says:

You mean DALY races?

John Kelly says:

Hi great videos

SuperVon95 says:

“Unless you are in a NASCAR”

jeremy li says:

This reminded me of Star in a Reasonably-Priced Car of Top Gear lol

David Monteiro says:

Where are the Dirt 4 videos?? I MISS THOSE!!!

sigmoyd says:

Play Daily Race C and get f***ed by the toxic drivers of rank E

Xracer 599 says:

Mate, most racers are clear on the “sportsmanship ” stuff, they just Choose to ignore it …

P'hamousChannel TRS says:

Iv done brand hatch in under 30 sec ben

Rick Harisson says:

The second race was more intense than the first one..

FamilyLetsPlay UK says:


delpinsky says:

What is this?! Ghost cars in something called “The Real Driving Simulator”?! LOL it’s a joke…too much arcade. Without ghost cars this game would be a mess. And there’s not even a damage model. Bad, very bad.

Obito Uchiha says:

I would like iRacing videos

Marcel Patoulatchi says:

Great to see you on gran turismo sports ! Looking forward for your next races 😉

sigmoyd says:

Also, the first race is now limited to a F***ING Civic

Christian Oropeza says:

Last Race was intense, I was sweating lol

The Undisputed says:

Funny how there are pictures of Senna and Prost in the background while the commentator is talking about sportsmanship.

Gaj B says:

Need longer races and tracks

David Garrod says:

The problem I have online is knowing when people will break and,overtaking noobs and dickheads

SportRiderr says:

Without damage the game is just bumper cars online it’s ridiculous… Start pole and the guy in 2nd bumps u off the track

celicharvel says:

I do not like the HUD information on the bottom right on top of which ever view is being used.

Tony L says:

Nice video Ben ! Can I have the name of the song at 9:00 ?

mbbarnes80 says:

I might get hate for this but aside from the graphics and the feel of the cars when driving them I’m really disappointed with gt sport.
It says on the case that an internet connection is need for most functionality, that is roughly 80% of the game I think. Honestly it really sucks
If your internet connection plays up then the game is useless.
After feeling let down by the rotten lack of endurance races in gt6 I had big hopes for this but with pretty much every aspect of the gameplay on gt sport needing an online connection I hate to say it but the game is a massive letdown.

I know a lot of you like online play, but if u don’t then there is virtually nothing in this game for you.
You can’t even save the game properly unless your online and that’s the clincher for me.
They’ve taken all the good things about gt1 to gt6 and in short they’ve screwed this game up by making it pretty much an online only game.

I am sure most of you will hate what I wrote, but after getting my hopes up for gt sport it’s just a letdown.

orangetube 123 says:

I got gt sport limited edition and its cool it comes with 1m$ and free 8 cars

Yurricane says:

4:30 Senna-Prost-Berger-Piquet?

PRO F1 RACER 11 says:

is it just ps4 pro?

taxiturtle says:

Another good video. What’s the piece of music at 18:16?

A K O G V A S A F Y says:

Much better physics than Forza 7. But in saying that Forza 7 is still a fun and good game. Avoid GT sport if you mostly care about single player.

Well open wheelers co contact, other series little nudges are fine just to let them know you mean business haha. People who watch V8 supercars know whats up 😀

SilkSatin Paradise says:

Drunk people run stop signs. High people wait for them to turn green.

Genome says:

16:06 21th?

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