Gran Turismo Sport – Gameplay Endurance Race Porsche 911 RSR @ Lago Maggiore [1080p 60fps] PS4 PRO

Gran Turismo Sport Gameplay Walkthrough Full Game 1080P 60FPS PS4 PRO Full Campaign Single Player Mode Career, all gold trophies / medals.
the complete 100% guide to Gran Turismo Sport, showcasing best cars, track guides, online races, scapes, arcade, sport mode, full car list and much more!

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The Yorkshire Rambler says:

nice menu simulator

Mopelt says:

17:45 invisible hitbox

39yeray says:

These graphics look fake, like clay or something like that.

Gabriel Garcia says:

Why do the graphics look so bad it’s 2017 for fucks sake

Anonymous says:

That sound suck so fucking much !!!! horrible

NightmareNa says:

you’re a great player ,,,Compliments! i’m italian

Dimitrius Santos says:


Qasim Rockman says:

still no competition with Drive Club

MnmlPulze says:

Forza Motorsport 7

Yiannis G. says:

What a shitty and boring game!

João de Paulo says:

Cara que joga game de corrida e não usa camera interna, não tem meu respeito, jogador amador ruim e babaca! kkkkkkkk jogador bom é camera interna! Canal ruim!

Doctormotor says:

Is not so good. Project cars 2 is much better as that.

BigD305RG says:

Stopped watching video 2:35

Luca Malta says:

Only gay use esp

nib95 says:

The RGB levels appear to be off in this video.

oooodaxteroooo says:

the only thing i dont like about this challenge is the fact that you dont even need to race well to win. you can easily do with two stops, i didnt try to make it with one, but two stops left me 30 seconds ahead in the end. or even fourty, forgot. just use the fuel map and drive at 80%. thats all there is to it.

g3on0i4 says:

Sounds like a blender.

Tommi Kainulainen says:

graphics looks shit… first GT that i`m not going to buy

anthony benedetti says:


Tomas Jaros says:

Guys, please, is there a way to LOOK AT YOU CAR like in any OTHER racing game? I mean WDF? cant look at my car 360 degrees? I saw it in GT sport beta 🙁 Thanks. BTW, game looks amazing

Eryc B. says:

Hard to believe this new game is a “racing simulation”. You can pass very easy the AI by late breaking. And even the late breaking there aren’t really hard penalties like lose traction control, lock tyre. GTR2 is a racing simulation. This is just arcade game 😀

alinalukas says:

me poland problem me computer

696,969 views says:

Dude….. your driving is so terrible. u are off the racing line in every single corner. you missed every apex

German Gonzalez says:

Hermoso circuito !!

2mek8 says:

Project cars 2 looks kind of same

MC R汰 says:


Gaffroninja says:

Done a few endurance races around this track in that exact car and it just feels like a perfect combination. Absolutely love it!

delpinsky says:

Heavy hit into the Jaguar back and …..nothing happens LOOOOL is there any damage model in GT Sports?

Kroegtijger says:

Amazing, the car doesn’t get dirty!

Mario Vastola says:

what’s with the shitty GRAPHICS???

MaxRH92 says:

who places a racing game with ingame music ???????

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