Forza Horizon 4 NEW Freeroam & Drag-Racing Gameplay | DRAG & DRIFT upgrades explained + New Cars?

Take a look at some NEW Forza Horizon 4 free-roam and drag-racing gameplay while I talk about some of the new upgrades that are coming to FH4. Including the new drag-tires, the drag-suspension and more details on the new drift suspension 🙂
Thanks to IGN & Turn10 for the NEW gameplay! Let´s hope the Ferrari 812 Superfast & the new Porsche GT3 RS will also be featured in Forza Horizon 4! Did you spot the free-roam dragstrip in the Lamborghini gameplay? Really looking forward to trying out the new drag-upgrades on that one!

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Comment “Chocolate Elephant” if you see this…lol
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Supremacy 98 says:

Will you be able to put drift suspension on any car?If so,i will definitely put it on hypercars i wonder if it will make it more slidey or just turn quicker

Jimmy Jam Sandwich says:

Chocolate Elephant

Diego Khan says:

Why don’t u make a drift car in forza horizon 3

OverlordTheNexus says:

Monkey: Did somebody say..FH4 news!?
Me: Did somebody say…..Banana’s?!
Monkey: Me I did I did! It’s better then FH4 please I want the banana!

By the way hi monkey

2jzboy Gaming says:

Hey dude!

TheFastOpening Gamer says:

Imagine how can be forza horizon 5 or forza motorsport 8

2018 Porsche 911 GT3 says:

I really hope I will be in FH4

Pim Prijs says:

Is tesla gonna be back?


Can you in fh3 dev drive with the AUDI S4 traffic car.

suleyman khan says:

675lt ?

Mikołaj Dominiak says:

All I want to see is the drift competition

Łukasz Tuszyński says:

Can someone buy me a pc just to play Forza Horizon 4 xD

Ian Gallagher says:

im gonna pre order it today

JustBeingPetty says:

what about wheel offset adjustment for proper fitment?

That one Guy says:

1:08 RIP Chiron

sugar wolf says:

Im going to buy this game when it comes out like if you agree

Ali M 750 says:

Does enybody have a gameplay of that aventador sv in the game?

RSD AMG says:

Chocolate elephant

O G says:

Why is not on ps4 wtffff

Malachi Stephenson says:

_reply what cars and upgrades you want here!!!_

Anonimous Driver says:

They will probably add the 812 as expansion

zKillaex_ I 0.1k! 〈3 says:

Yeees! Complete Slicks!

Dominik Schrimpf says:

I Love Your Videos.
Fav YouTuber.

xbox 1s name is amazingamer1233 says:


Callum Morris says:


I must buy a cab when the game is released!

serKryha says:

I saw a screenshot with 812 in horizon 4, but i lost them in the internet 🙁

sali SAKSU says:


Wuwu1978 says:

The first expansion for Forza Horizon 4 will be a Drag Racing Expansion 🙂 .

JoeDaGuyInBlueWhos Gamer, Ganes and music. says:

Chocolate elephant goddamnit

Gaming Met Viggo says:

The festival kinda looks like a big racetrack

Spot State says:


Also: chocolate elefant

Ian Gallagher says:

im so hype for FH4 i have my steering wheel ready

Ty3D says:


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