Forza Horizon 4 Gameplay | FULL BREAKDOWN | Houses, New Cars, Race Editor, Drift Parts & more!!

This is a detailed breakdown of all the new features, hidden details, cars, etc. of Forza Horizon 4!
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What do we think about the addition of properties & houses?
And what about the fully customizable races? Big fan of those 😀
Even the drift-community got a treat, a new drift upgrade o_O

IGN video:

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I use the Elgato HD60 S to record gameplay on my consoles & the Elgato HD60 Pro to record gameplay on my PC.


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Thanks for watching! Really appreciate it 🙂
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Sam Veenma says:

I hope they add some cool anti lag sounds on 2jz’s with the drift upgrades

DaveCub26 says:

I just bought a PS4 not too long ago. I think there is a Xbox One in my future 🙂
with the buying property feature etc reminds me of Test Drive Unlimited. But in this game its gonna be way better…hopefully

Atticus Tapley says:

Should I play this on Xbox or pc???? Mouse and keyboard though

Lewis Burke says:

2:17 also traffic lights

Gabriele Chimento says:

Am I the only human being who saw bikes in the game? 2:23 And also hope that they didn’t figure out as the crew did?

JDMファンボーイキリスト教の says:

What about functional Foldable Roof?


dissapointed i know theres no car customizations like body kits ya know what i mean?

Daniel Reyes says:

But the driver still dosent turn the wheel entirely lmaoooo

Dylan Knowlton says:


joaovitor santos says:

Will have motor bikes in the New game?

Reds says:

test drive unlimited 3… heeell yeah

DeepBlue 4 2 0 says:

Can we personalize the character as we did in Test Drive Unlimited?

Wadu_Shekt says:

Can i race tractors?

Vixter _ says:

Man if they would make this like TDU2 so that like you can go into car showrooms and sit in cars and test drive them. Plus like being able to go in your house and customise it and have like a garage where your cars are parked this would like become the best game.

Stay Tuned says:

Why is everyone saying “RIP CREW 2”? Give crew a chance first of all, and secondly, why the hell cant we just have two good car games? I love forza but you forza fan boys are disgusting sometimes.

Ezra Houssian says:

Is This is in Japan?

Rodrigo Godoy Valenzuela says:

But you don’t mention the most important: volkswagen makes its return 🙂

Javier Díaz says:

Im still waiting for test drive unlimited 3 but this new horizon looks pretty to

Angel Serrano says:

it really seems like buying property and houses r a mystery to what items & perks they’re referring to. I just wanna know why it’s necessary to add to the game in order to unlock things. Not complaining at all I just wanna have a better understanding

UnknownUser4184 says:

I don’t care about the song it’s not bad and I want Forza Horizon 4 if you want it like

Foxy boy Gacha says:


Jacob Salazar says:

You forgot the Chiron

Matias Benavides / Digital Visualization says:

Intention to make Forza Horizon like GTA V? houses, garages, clothing, motorbikes, hovercraft, animals

Liam Featherstone says:

I saw 1 crocodile in forza horizon 3 atvthe begining and never seen a animal in it since hope this is different and more cars much more cars

VoiD Hawkzzz says:

Anyone know if the Audi rs6 avant is in.


hi im new to ur channel and ur outro music sounds familiar its something like i heard in gta5

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