F1 2018 Gameplay Livestream – Online Races

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Chris Gachatz says:

My game is coming today 🙂

GTac says:

Mercedes Rep Decreased…

transporter255 says:

Gonna buy it today for pc

The Great Frenemy says:

There’s a mobile 2018 f1 game btw

The Aura says:

2:45:49 Look at the top speed of the Williams as Ben dives through turn one

AlexiaIsASebastianVettelFanF1 says:

I heard that they were going to release the game in August 28th 2018

HW7 says:

That reyan Guy is so shit and dirty

Luke Jones says:

When I got the game yesterday I played it then won a race and the redbull team had someone who looks like ben

Tony Thibault says:

It is a nice change for you ben keep doing it love it

the honey badger S says:

Can you do some open lobbies on PS4?

Frosty- Moisty says:

54:17 racism

Norgz says:

I use Streamlabs OBS

Agent Bacalhau says:

dude, is your name based on mesopotamian mythology?

Trulysire: #35 says:


AnonymousRealist says:

The DRS zone in Silverstone goes all the way to turn three, ffs codies

Daniel Buchanan says:


Qliute says:

ll have f12018 on saturday maybe

LojenDom says:

Example after example of why racnig online with any randoms is a comnplete waste of time.

Liverpoolfan 107 says:

Ben doesnt like me because i took him out on f1 2016 in austria

rezza muhammad says:

Bus driver rig setup.

hevo guys says:

24:56 everyone has diffrent cars
Like if u saw that

iLuvHardStyle says:

this race after the french one, is that germany? if yes no wonder it got kicked out the calendar look how narrow it is lol.. these big ass cars look ridiculous when u’re passing someone in the corner..

Nunnito Miguel says:

Hi buddy , after seeing this message , could u in the next video share ur wheel settings in game and force feedback and all that stuff? As a default its crazy lol so we need help from you , thanks from London , Nuno

Don't even know gaming says:

16 minutes in and he gets his first crash

Mohamed Isse says:

I am 10 years younger than Ben

陳閎齊 says:

Why your fuel didn’t drop quickly ?

Jamie Randle says:

OMG PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do some live career modes! That would be amazing!

Sahel Akbar says:

Is there a reason his damper settings on control schemes is 5 seems very low to me

Cian Donovan says:

Benjamin Daly is a pervert, he’s a pervert!!!!!!!!!!

Петър Василев says:

Cars and Artillery only don’t go together do they?

generic username says:

Chuck a bit of lube on that wheel brah

Dwane Lee says:

you are the YouTuber got me in to F1 games

Tim Galvin says:

Why do so few people use the first person view?

da boi up the road from jims house says:

I really want to get f1 2018 but ive never played an f1 game, ive a habit of enjoying watching games then when i buy that game i dont like playing it. I can get f1 2016 for €10 so i might get that, but is there a different f1 game that’d be better for me to start with.

D'Angelo BRICKWALL Brual says:

How’s the FFB on a console? Is it better on the PC? Was thinking about getting it for Ps4. Lots of people online?

arthurdefauw says:

1:14:47 “That’s Raidillon actually”

Brock Sisson says:

31 seconds in and my recommendation is that you get some chat moderators to help out, the scroll already looks hectic AF and I wouldn’t be surprised if it speeds up even further when stuff starts to happen.

peter 3:16 says:

Great watch Ben really enjoy your career modes looking forward to this year’s one all I ask is you do what I tend to do and take vettel out each and every race

Rob Jeff says:

Stream was sick

XxFreexXStyler says:

How can i change the ai level in career mode?

Siem Reith says:

What time does it release in the netherlands

napo lal says:

Hi, Is it multi language?

Hugh says:

Hey Ben are u freinds with aarava

Joe Mannari says:

How old are you

brodeur212 says:

Online is so bad

Pete Simpson says:

Quality Vid!

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