F1 2018 GAMEPLAY: Cockpit Cam / No Assists / Ultimate AI / Wet Race

F1 2018 Gameplay at Hockenheim
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Lazy Bug says:

Everything looks much more real in cockpit …

figahstgajas arinzhav says:

This year the cockpit cam is really nice

Platinum Gamer says:

do a race in spa, up eau de rouge,

eonhite says:

I’m not a fan of the audio spiking like it does, can you at least smooth it or keep it consistant? Whenever you stop talking the engine noise attacks your eardrums.

Mihnea11 says:

Umm, where tf are the mirrors?

Maximilian Pfeiffer says:

Please, Just do live commentary, overvoice is akward

Boxletly says:

Cockpit cam is the best!!

Slizk says:

The amount of vids Ben posting is already making the game dead for me and I Cba buying it or doing career now. thanks Ben!

Jedi Disciple91 says:

I would prefer live commentary with a face cam.

Reece Mckibbin says:

1:17-1:23 Is that Ben pushing those tyres??

SvenZerx says:

Tom 97 hd. Was playing in cockpit cam in Monaco!!!

B Shep says:

Alonso’s McLaren
Abu Dhabi
Cockpit cam
Dry race
Last to ______

martinh88 says:

You should’ve turned of the HUD and the driver names too.

RiZLA says:

for the germans zockenheim

Xracer 599 says:

You are funny man. I love your uploads 🙂

Yurricane says:

6:46 is there a dirt after some car coming back on track? Looking much better than in 2017 !

xScr34mZx says:

How are you supposed to drive in cockpit cam properly when you don’t have mirrors to look at?!?

Joseph Harrison says:

“That Sauber is a piece of junk”

Sauber rep. decreased

Hamdan Ali says:

the cars shouldn’t be this fast in the wet

Chris_99 says:

stay at the cockpit-cam

Chevrohn McBean says:

Should’ve taken off everything the screen. No map no driver names, only the mini menu for car settings to have as true f1 feel possible

David Varela says:

Where is f1 2006

Patrick Egan says:

Not that I dislike the live voiceover; but you do a great job with the post-production stuff so that’s my vote.

Also, how on earth do people drive so well no assists? I gently touch / apply the throttle in 3rd and it spins 🙁

Henrix98 says:

Just hide the halo

Lupo says:

Hi ben, I recently got a wheel and I have no idea what FFB settings I should run. Do you have any tips or could you share your ffb settings?

ReV_DeatH says:

*O V E R T A K E*

bogotac stankela says:

youre not supposed to see mirrors while looking straight ahead, cockpit view is for VR, and you look at mirrors manualy… its like driving a car, while youre looking ahead, you dont see mirrors

FoReST33Veritas says:

where is mirrors in red bull XD

The Smetherling says:

You put sim damage on to avoid corner dives

Holden&HSVS05 says:

Love the live commentary!

VLOG MAN says:

I hate commentary

Kammerjäger Hängeschloss says:

Do you play in career mode with assists?

mantazzo says:

I think my personal tweaks for cockpit cam is always “Look to Apex” set to 10 degrees. It just feels better when looking in the mirrors while in cockpit cam in turns.
Maybe also do a controller experiment? How fast can you be on a controller? 😀

Ebrahim Adams says:

Center column should be a little transparent.

gapi 028 says:

Yes more of this

Neil Baldacchino says:

More live comm plsssss

mrHufnagelPisti says:

It’s great that you did a cokpit cam vid. Ultimately, if F1 2018 had rocket launchers installed on cars, we would laugh at it saying it’s not realistic. Well, T-cam is not realistic, either. The immersion is much better in cockpit for me, Ben. If possible please do regular cockpit vids. Your channel is superb by the way, thanks for your content 🙂

Tim Pecover says:

Do more live com

Sam Irvine says:

That last part where you cycled different car cockpits over the course of the Silverstone lap was really good!

Thomas John Solidum says:

The Toro Rosso is the best sounding car on the grid

Jens Buchwald says:

Redbull is slow

vlogdocapivara says:

I personally prefer pos comment videos.

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