F1 2018 Gameplay: 100% Online Race at France

F1 2018 French Grand Prix 100% Race – Paul Ricard
F1 2018 League Racing – https://apexonlineracing.com/
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Thumbnails/Graphics by:

Equipment I use:
Capture Card: Elgato HD60
Thrustmaster TX 458 Italia Wheel (Xbox One)
Fanatec CSL Elite (PC/PS4)

Business Enquires: Tiametmarduk@hotmail.co.uk

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Dakota Sand says:

Anyone have an American league that I can join? Canadian would work as well, I live ” up north” in the States. I play on Xbox

thedriver says:

Holy fuck your dumb ben yeah were just gonna slow down and olay a little when you have like 12 seconds of penalties and allow the car behind catch up and blunder the podium

Aidan O'Neill says:

It looks like theres so much understeer on your car Lmao

Alex Chennell says:

mat you need to stop youtube as much and start esparts

Jesper van Berkel says:

Was lance stroll driving in the beginning?

Ethan Le says:

France in under a minute

F1-Mercedes44 says:

And i really thought it was going to be a pure gameplay….but than your annoying Voice came…

Aerox says:

Did you take damage to your spoiler? It was orange on one of the MFD

Carlos Guzman says:

10:47 I like them vulnerable

Михаил Дмитриев says:

More 100% Online Racing, this is better and have more action then career mode and 50% online. Today you good boy 😉

Nick Baggerman says:

Do you drive in the pitlane self?

Dries says:

did your max setting test destroy the wheel?

Ceyhun Balçık says:

Nice video and amazing amazing thumbnail.

Truskawek says:

This is CSL Elite wheel, right? Try turning down the For setting in the wheel, 100 is too much fro pretty much all the games

(yes I know you fixed it, just a tip if it happens in other games, even if you’re not gonna play them)

Tom Moore says:

Did you have rear wind damage at 16.13 or is it allways like that

rushayde muhammed says:

More online please

Mario _ says:

Could have got the podium if you weren’t messing around with Ryan

kovic says:

Almost as if that 150 % Force Feedback ruined your wheel. Hmm…

Memo Garza says:

Same race and same driver

Joshua Silberman says:

I can find that menu where you change Force feed back. Where is it?

Cxgnito says:

Rear wing was tagged in the first part which affected your downforce.

Sean Brady says:

bens using 100% force feedback now

Ahmed Rafat says:

Your rear wing is damaged at 16:13 you can see it

David Varela says:

Someone playing fortnite?

Sean Brady says:

did u get a new mic because your old mic was fine

Kc Link says:

So annoying, another one of can’t watch but really want to.

Thor Odinson says:

Jesus how many corners did you cut wtf

Alex Stachos Subero says:

I like ’em vulnerable

Zack Halverson says:

Way better than actual french gp

Carpythesharky says:

Interesting that your wheel reacts like that. I use a Thrustmaster T300rs and felt like I needed to raise everything to 100 because the actual on track effects weren’t strong at all. I then put the master force feedback to 80 and it feels good for me.

Jcartylfc1 says:

13:10 eh?

Jasper Van Nieuwkerke says:

*”I have time to make up time”* ~ Ben 2018

SGT EpicSpeed says:

Arnoux vs Villeneuve at the last part anyone? I know it’s on a different circuit and one’s in a McLaren (with a Renault engine)

Kobe Van de Craen says:

Take a shot everytime he exceeds track limits

charlie briggs says:

I feel like that force feedback video made your wheel dogey hence why u change it in qualifying a bit

Alan27 says:

I’m enjoying this video style Ben. I think the editing and vid length are bang on, hope you enjoy making them!

Naijerusama says:

Ben you bottled it! lmao

Officer Skies says:

So nobody saw that guy cut the shit out of the corner 9:56

Felix sch says:

guess what, he bottled it!

OMFG Bogdan says:

Good play brother! Good job

generic username says:

LOL you fucked your wheel

Memo Garza says:

I did this race yesterday 😛

rayraywa says:

Greekmaster just utterly dominated

Meet Parikh says:

Graphics are so so good!! well done codemasters

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