F1 2018 Career Mode Gameplay Walkthrough Part 2 – QUALIFYING AND RACE (Round 1)

F1 2018 Career Mode Walkthrough Part 1 – F1 2018 The Official Videogame Gameplay PC Ultra Settings – Picking my first team in Career mode
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Arethea Samuels says:

divebomb of the century

James Rigby says:

I think you jinksed it when you said Hamilton, #Blessed

Dysstatic says:

With 8 laps to go the front wing change was definitely needed.. You could lose 1.5 – 2 secs a lap with orange damage I think

Latham Joiner says:

Don’t use a pad
They call it a sim for a reason

BUllerPRo Fl4sh3r says:

Make no man’s sky video!

Arethea Samuels says:

please do a full series

FIFA Habib says:

Please give us another episode!!

Michael Rogers says:

How can you tell when too change your fuel to rich or whatever? And tires as well?

Frog Eyes says:

Make more asap


Are you using a controller?

ToxicDude58 says:

I love the series right now so far so good.lol

Max G says:

Love how you did it with the replay view, very GullisGaming like

hanedafz says:

please turn off racing line for next video xD

Ajman Kurbegovic says:

And do the checkpoint challenge.

Troll Is Lol Lol says:

Cannot mm3 series still go on

Leland Risto says:

Hey Scot I am loving the video’s so far and can’t wait for the next one

Soham Jahagirdar says:

We want motorsports manager not this

paraus damani says:

Anyone else wonder how he manages to play soo many games

Arethea Samuels says:


Erik Jovanovic says:

What’s your comment on Nando leaving F1? And just to think…when Kimi goes there will be no drivers left on the grid who drove v10 f1 cars and Hamilton will be the oldest and most experienced driver…time flies

SpankyTron X says:

great race Scott. I dont think you need to make the ai any harder since as you saw, anything can happen in a race and you ended up practically where torro roso normally end up on the grid.

Robb Paige says:

Yea, that wing needed changing, it was orange. You can change it from automatic to yes/no prior to pitting if you really wanted to risk it in that state.

Ajman Kurbegovic says:

The game looks really good Scott.

john is boss says:

dont u have a steering wheel scott

Tobias Cabooter Laeremans says:

Set difficulty higher

oliedaneM says:

Orange front wing is worse than a yellow front wing even the slightest damage to the wing can cost you time that is why

Edwards jr says:

Too sweet roit please play some more

Bekjenet says:

The pit stop was so slow because you were very unlucky with the other cars coming out. The game won’t let you do an ‘unsafe release’.

Ant D Best says:

Break a little more late and during quali change to fresher tyres
Btw Jeff had a face before (look at F1 2017)
Love ur vids

Phoenix Fieryn says:

Wonderful driving! You can improve by braking a bit later into the corner, at the start of the red, not the orange. Also pull out of the corner a bit sooner. This will help to compensate the slower car 🙂

Awallthat Youknow says:

Whoop a doo

MIlkes2002 says:

Pls can you play no mans sky again

Rajay Foote says:

more more!!!!!!!

Harambe restinpeace says:

after carrer u can try online

Stijn Weijters says:

Damn… Jeff is nice, he will buy you pizza 😀

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