Monaco Night Race – 50% Race from the Back. Sebastian Vettel.
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Equipment I use:
Capture Card: Elgato HD60
Thrustmaster TX 458 Italia Wheel (Xbox One)
Thrustmaster T150 Racing Wheel (PS3/PS4)

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KarabetGiav says:

the monaco pit exit was always broken ingame

Ernie Beer says:

Monaco favorite circuit WHAT

Mushroomstamp says:

Are you sure this is 2017 ?

paolo t says:

holyshit you never shut the mouth off a second……..fuckkkk

paulrolly101011 says:

What is delta time?
What are the controls u play?
Have you enabled braking assist?

Luis Dorador says:


I'm eFeeGTR says:

We want hear motors sometimes. Not only your voice.

GoProGamer ! says:

I can’t decide whether to have motion blur on or off. What does everyone have? Perks of it?

Geoshot says:

Hey Tiametmarduk, could you answer me this question? Do you live commentate while racing or do you record it afterwards? I think it’s recorded afterwards, obviously you put a lot of work into your videos, kudo’s – I’m subbed 🙂

Ra.G.E TheDutchDude says:

ive never played a racing game in my life but im thinking of buying this one but is it fun to play with a mouse and keyboard?

Sean Cassidy says:

Great looking game, but if I hear/see another video/trailer/review where you can’t hear the damn cars actually driving, instead hearing shitty music or some asshat talking 100% of the time, what a complete waste of time this was…

James McKay says:

the commentary sounds generic as fuck

Joe Mannari says:

100% race at monaco

madican says:

So what’s better F1 2016 or F1 2017?

MatG-DK says:

Could you PLEASE SHUT THE FUCK UP for 2minutes…

Dapper Don says:

This is new F1?

C Man says:

PS3 is a way better game (Graphics)

Athan D says:

Very nice video! Wonderful racing!

Alex Semenov says:

Poor Alonso.

Two Mates Video's says:

Love the commentary

Smippo Wipo says:

I can’t wait till I get the game

Çağdaş Ünal says:

you are talking too much

Matty Dickinson says:

Bring back a league season

colaboytje says:

Dude, you do know you are playing a video game, right? You are commenting like you really driven that race. I bit too deep in your imagination. A little freaky to be honest.

Caçador de Fluxo says:

graphics :c

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