F1 2017 Gameplay: FIRST ONLINE RACE + New Features

My First F1 2017 Online Races!
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Thumbnails/Graphics by:

Equipment I use:
Capture Card: Elgato HD60
Thrustmaster TX 458 Italia Wheel (Xbox One)
Thrustmaster T150 Racing Wheel (PS3/PS4)

Business Enquires: Tiametmarduk@hotmail.co.uk

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Benjamin Daly
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Conner .W says:

No one accepting my f1 YouTube request if you have the ability to let me in message me

Santiago Hinds says:

So where’s xFitcho?

XboxOneFTW says:

No milestone progression in private lobbies? 🙁

Exomnia says:

4:01 covfefe?

Brilly Brilliance says:

do u play with wheel?

Lennon Stephenson says:

Ps4 tomorrow/today

Nic_Beast121 says:

I have I got it yesterday DAY 1 edition

Danil Wong says:

Who still does not have this game

Charles-Henry Bernard says:

That z0neofdanger is the kind of player who shouldn’t be able to play this game ! Driving like shit and push everyone who is able to overtake him ! Players like him should be banned !

AleK DK says:

Is the Special Edition the only version on PS Store?

Manognya Narasimha says:

4:58 did that car just run in top of the other can and just continue to drive like it was nothing.

Josh Geauvreau says:

People like the person in the Ferrari in the first race are why I don’t race online

SharkOon 7 says:

This guy is destroying my online experience. FeelsBadMan.

InkDropFalls says:

I would buy it but im sure 25% race distance you wont find any players that the only distance i like ..this 1 to 5 laps is a joke

pbfamous07 says:

gotta be able to ban those blocking fuckstains. cmon codies. get em off multi, or put em in a low skill bracket until they arent shit.

Rallymen007 says:

10 seconds in your very first race and already aliens all over the place. This is going to be a fun year of lag takedowns

Steven Duffy says:

Tiametmarduk If you are going to verbally attack someone who isn’t as good as you and perhaps is new to driving or doesn’t have a wheel or in fact has connections issues then you should back off and leave him alone because its you who seems like the newbie here with all the assists off but doesn’t choose to drive in cockpit view.

Andi S says:

That Ferrari driver is Max Verstappen (1:24).

necroticaa says:

3:00 u just as bad u realize that right ? u say u dont care at all but why would he ? its the same thing kid… u need to grow up.

Spanish Lad UK says:

lol what a shit arcade game

Muustasch says:

The yellow and black colour felt more inviting mate

ER says:

graphics look shit

Jetfighter 1000 says:

I was playing f1 2017 and my brother thought that I was watching the race on tv

Football Hype says:

Holy shit look at the both Toro Rosso at 5:00


Crash Kid lobbys! (:

DoggedJoe says:

Liked for that overtake on the Ferrari! Was actually really impressive lol

Christoffer Dahl says:

Next level overtaking at 4:58

M-Sparx says:

The v10s sounds like ass. Especially from the tv camera view.

Richard Dale says:

Just got the game. Looking forward to playing tonight.

Andrej Vuk says:

Buddy, it’s called racing. Deal with it.

ark13700 says:

5:00 I’m assuming they knew it was the short layout because they have driving line on

Teddy Lee says:

Haha he deserved that

Ryan _B says:

I’m installing the game right now

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