F1 2017 Gameplay: 50% RACE AT JAPAN! – F1 2017 Direct Capture Gameplay!

Thanks to David Greco from Codemasters for racing and recording this! Great F1 2017 Gameplay of a 50% Race at Japan, Suzuka in a Renault!
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A Direct Capture of F1 2017 Game on the PC, driving in the Renault car around Suzuka, Japan, 50% Race F1 2017 Gameplay! 😀


nathaniel titley says:

aarava i really enjoyed this video i’m so looking forward 2 getting f1 2017 for my ps4

ukliokiuyh says:

It Looks Great

Paulus Kopenga says:

Anyone else heard the banging of the floor of the car at the ground when hitting topspeed? awesome

PB J says:

Hopefully they update the liveries to add the thing that makes it easier for fans to know who is who

Racacax says:

Honda Engine Failure and P11 for Jolyon Palmer, the P11 Man. What a realistic game !!!!!

Juanjose Moreno says:

its the same chit all da years

N0Name says:

i hope the AI will defend better

Fassi _8 says:

fucking codies… kimi p6 in quali

Pablo Escobar says:

It is a real gameplay of 2017 or it is mod ?
Im French ^^’

Kilian Almenara says:

Formation lap?

Giulio M says:

Where are the gap time between you and the other car?

Nico 9138 says:

actually enjoying it, with my 144p internet connection :’-(…

Georgexx 13 says:

Not that mach of a deal for the beta squad, anyone here?

Trevor Smith says:


Lupo says:

I’m hyped

emre99 says:

Where is Jeff!!??

Redish says:

I hate how he’s in cockpit cam, you can’t see anything

Lewis smith says:

why cant martin brundle be in the game

Fullmetaljacket9879 says:

Palmer, another 11th place finish

Clemens s. says:

no T wings?

iFlamingZombie says:

Yes finally

Georgexx 13 says:

Even with Greco driving Palmer can’t get points…

manisha parmar says:

where is the Heineken sponsor

Alessandro Carzeri says:

Orgasmic game

Frane Erjavac says:

Which team are you gonna pick guys ? I still can’t decide

Jonahveck says:

Is it just me or does toto look like a zombie

charlie stevenson says:

Anyone else hate the camera angle, why not show a bit in T cam?

The Sidz says:

Typical palmer finishing p11

PB J says:

At least it wasnt that idiot driving around suzuka in the live stream with lee mather

madotter says:

Great footage, nice commentary there aarava, not too much, not to little. Very nicely done!

Pedro Fernandes says:

THANK GOD the fucking proximity arrow doesn’t disappear as long as the guy is close to you. A lot of times, when cars were side by side the arrow would disappear but you couldn’t see the car

leon ali says:

Unfriended from roblox.. ggwp. Also wasnt David Greco in the Formula Simracing online series which u can still watch on youtube? class guy.

Obione says:


abcdefg hilmnopqrstuvz says:

Toto Wolff is so so ugly

Who am I? says:

Aarav, what happens if you leave the pit stop while the red light is on?

Crankie says:

Love that you can hear that scratch under the car when it drives over small
bumps on the streets

Pastor Maldonado says:

Still not convinced by the AI

samo duban says:

When was beta game pls talk me ?????

STI Weeb says:

Please Codies don’t make Vettels AI broken again.

B Faria says:

The game looks really nice, but I just can’t get used to Codemaster’s input lag. It’s the same on Dirt Rally and F1 2016. The delay seems huge when compared to iRacing and Assetto Corsa.

Lintellan says:

No more OP slipstream – HURRAH!

Toxin Gammin FTW says:

still pointless

Croatiaboy11 says:



Victor Nag says:

Pad or wheel?

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