F1 2017 Game: On-board Gameplay, Monaco Night Race, New Podium Cutscenes & More! – Trailer Breakdown

FINALLY a hyped trailer has been released for the F1 2017 Game!
Kudos to Codies, it’s a very nicely put together trailer, hype activated!
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Breaking down the F1 2017 Game Trailer that dropped today. It has some F1 2017 Gameplay of some on-boards. A Palmer crash, of course. F1 2017 Monaco Night Race gameplay snippets as well which look dope!


João Victor Teixeira Mena Bittencourt says:

Born to be wild

Erik Teske says:

@aarava do you think we have finally the Delta Times in our dashboard so we can do a real pro championship without any HUD?

CharliePlaysGames ! says:

Another way to tell if its Australia spec is bottas’s number is red but now it is blue

pe productions says:

Will they make it on mobile

Ian Khoo says:

MyDriver on F1 2017 better have a few night races

Bashyy says:

An 18 min video over an 1.28 video. We dont need an “breakdown” of a trailer. We can see this shit with our own eyes. Bullshit youtubers stick to mydriver. Pointless videos

Jakub Wronka says:

Aarav that was a great, professional video. I enjoyed it a lot. Great job mate, keep it up

Jonathan Hogan says:

Does anyone know if this game will support the t100 wheel?

xXTheKoop133Xx says:

will you be able to race any track at any time or can you just do it with special tracks like monaco

Greg Scholfield says:

Saw “Monaco night race” and I made my happy time face and noises!

frog manic21 says:


Giovanni Manograsso says:

Monaco night at 15:00

hoover105 says:

Hope they use the actual race trophies for the podiums at each GP and not the same 3 generic ones like in 2016

sowxxxxxxxxxxxxx says:

he is a wizard

coxy says:

Xbox One X F1 2017, will look close to high end PC

Luke Furey says:

Condemasters can’t get the silverstone sponsor because it’s Jonnie Walker ( whisky) and will loose the Pegi 3. It will still have most of the legit sponsors for the track

Devilish Night says:

These front wings are pretty ugly, looks like cars with V12/V10
2006 were that high I think..

KMG 5 TIMES says:

I’ve not finished at Monaco in any of the 7 years of career mode i did in 2016, DNF everytime. Im not even going to attempt it in the dark.

Vivek Singh says:

yee- hah brilliant codies!! keep it up . brilliant video wizard aarav !! have a good day

SpyrosJDM says:

I want this game just for the Mp4/4

xGrujic says:

and the new trophies, the real race ones seen on the podium

CameronJ2000 says:

Love it

Vectro666 says:

Pause at 15:19… why are there no guardrails? XD

Keiran George says:

I think the front wings look a bit dumb, they look too far above the ground.

James Clay says:

No iconic Marlboro logo on the mclaren damn you pegi 3!

elPatrixF says:

poor palmer lol

Flynnster 10 says:

What tyres are on the classic cars?

kirk stancer says:

Can you race all the tracks at night

McrUk says:

Did they fix the OP slipstream or what?

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