F1 2017 Career Mode Part 33: UPSET AT FERRARI’S HOME RACE

My F1 2017 Career Mode! Part 33: Italian Grand Prix | aarava
F1 2017 CAREER MODE PART 33: ITALY in a Renault F1
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DerÖsiFlo says:

I know by heart now what Davidson says xD also always the same scenes. Only thing that really bothers me in this game

Demon Crazy says:

love ur vids , im from spain

Mvlogs 1 says:

Can u start doing 100%races

Ultimate Gaming says:


Sergio Perez says:

Its my birthday like not lying can I get an aarava like?

Manuel says:

love the series man keep it up

Vortex OG says:

can you get offers from another teams at the end of the season?

Martin Max says:

Why is everyone miss pronounce Lewis Hamiltons name, its Lewis not Louis.

TheDJdragonflame says:

The upgrade you purchased isn’t a weight reduction, but a redistribution of weight. What it is meant to do is change the centre of gravity so the car is more grounded in the corners and doesn’t tilt as much to the outside.

MEokay says:

your start isnt ok, you need to lower the throttle to around 45% to get the maximum grip possible, your losing to much grip on the start and thats why you get bad starts, but a very nice video and keep going, cant wait for the next race!

The Head Honcho says:

Tune in next time, when Vettel attempts to recreate the real life accident at the Singapore Grand Prix, which takes out both his team mate and Max Verstappen.

TheJulianS NL says:

Clear aliens

Mexeminor says:

It’s not weight reduction, it’s weigt redistribution. You should’ve gone for lightweight energy cells.

Hussein Ahmed says:

Dark spots on track?

SE7en says:

Just restart the game to get rid of the shadows

djmonize13 says:

We need a shirt with bish bash bosh on it now.

Crucial_US says:

Titles just like IRL

Aviator_Vince says:

Very very nice race. Good job aarava

awesomesauce for the win says:

who loves aarava and wants to be his best friend

Alexandar Trapara says:

When its raining just turn off the shadows problem solved

RobRacing says:

probably the shortest part of the season

JAIW13 says:

Loving the series (just caught up) and has inspired me to do a career myself so thanks 🙂

Shaf Hoque says:

Woohoo another video from aarava

Gareth Hodgkinson says:

What race set up do you have?

f1 1234 like says:

Great video

Johnathan Brabant says:

Just wanted to comment and say I’m loving your career mode. Please keep it up. Your a legend.

Cameron Joubert says:

Isn’t it possible to get more frequent episodes? I love them so much! Good job mate

BlastedByRage says:

Why dont you like to use TV POD OFFSET?

James Harris says:

I’ve experienced the shadow issues before. I found that if you turn ambient occlusion off and back on again, it should fix the lighting issues. Hope this helps 🙂

Reece Hart says:

With the shadows thing is there an option to turn them off at all? I don’t personally have the game because I don’t have a wheel so I am not sure what the go is with the settings menu.

kevin duong says:


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