F1 2017 Career Mode Gameplay : 5 SAFETY CARS IN ONE RACE!! (Part 24)

The F1 2017 Career Mode continues as a McLaren rage quits the race and the Mercedes are catching us! Make sure you subscribe for more F1 2017 Gameplay, Career Mode Gameplay, Classic Car Races and More!

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brunO ImSoStronk says:

put difficult 95

Smash Nerd and Nerdy Mario says:

Thrust master ;;;)
Cock pit (;;; I see what ya did there!

charlie Pitt says:

Forza horizon 3 best 1 upgraded drift car
75k budget
Around surfers paradise
NO engine swaps
Hope you like my idea my gamer tag is ATR12GAMING

Joshua Janis says:

Cold in Canada a

Karen Mann says:

pls don’t turn up the difficulty because I like it when you win. Keep up the good work!

Dragjr 4065 says:

He got the safety cars he wanted in earlier races

Kooldude583 says:

Uh why is nick whering a beanie with a short sleeve shirt plus the lighting makes him look really white

Wendy Barden says:

Red bull is op

Adrian Sulaiman Hassan says:

Nick can you do an online leauge race

Neeb says:

Racing or ping-pong ?

YUSEF says:

5 safety … it’s 2017 anything can happen

Titanium Cars/Motors says:

yes , in 1998 the belgian grandprix had many crashes

Ng June Lam says:

A dream come true for safety cars.

Ke'Veon Harrison says:

Who you talking to

Mack V says:

Love your F1 vids

Kirkland G. says:

Just do nothing but F1 these videos are 10/10

Charlie Such says:

This happened to me must be a glitch !

Sarah Purkis says:

Upload these vids more often

Ghetto Cuber says:

HEY ZAPDOS HOW ARE THE WIFE AND KIDS DOING… as I was saying, Nick and ideas don’t mix.

Antonio Miguel Oliveira says:

bring more F1 2017 plssss, i love the serie so pls just bring more of it

Jedi Disciple91 says:

Best 20 minutes of the week right here

indiancitezin says:

Yes in the 2012 Canadian grand prix

LR210 says:

the record for most safety cars during an f1 race is 6 at canada 2011

Vengeance 1415 says:

Canada 2007 and 2011 4 safety cars and I think the 2002 Austrian gp had 4

Sam Domatilia says:

The name of the safety car driver is Bernd Mayländer

Raymond Chan says:

AR12Gaming I did some research, in 2011 Canadian Grand Prix, safety car was deployed for 6 times, and it is the record of Most times safety car deployed
in single race in F1 history. So, 5 safety car shouldn’t be something amazing to you……

Ke'Veon Harrison says:

Did you see the new forma horizon trailer

ariel verger says:

You know you can milk the engine more..

Lego Boys says:

I’m from the Netherlands!

Holden Froemke says:

They’re making up for last season

Janelle Rock says:

I charge one 2016 on my iPad

CarbonPlayerStudios says:

New record?

Smash Nerd and Nerdy Mario says:

Me me big boy

Hiflyg123 says:

Glad you are winning man, love these Formula Vids..

Udit says:

Increase the recording bit rate of the F1 videos please

Christine Llewellyn says:

I am 9

Miguelplays_YT says:

Ginger Kid is Awesome at Sing- wait wrong vid :/

How To Advanced says:

Will you buy a widebody kit for the subaru?

PrestonLK says:

This is the one racing game nick can actually drive in 🙂

Anthony Hellman says:

Do a nfs payback ford hotrod vid

Nicholas Marco says:

do more of f1 2017!

Carlos morales says:

What happened to unlimited drag in FM7

JNT_ Gaming says:

First time nick said the word F….

For Shizzle Mcgrizzle says:

You drive with both your feet wth, that’s exactly what you’re not supposed to do

Ghetto Cuber says:

no, i’m not going to name him Jeff… I’LL NAME HIM ZAPDOS!
Nick and ideas don’t go together well…

Boombozling !! says:


Phantumix says:

It’s the Russians
i mean 5 safety cars iin 1 race
something fishy is going on

Corinna Cavaye says:

Canada 2011 I think had slightly more 6 or 7

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