DRIVECLUB PS4 Pro Gameplay 1080p – Lamborghini MURCIÉLAGO along with Rain Physics

Driveclub is a racing video game for the PlayStation 4, developed by Evolution Studios and published by Sony Computer Entertainment.


Evolurion12 says:

Imagine this game in 8k !

Stormer248 says:

The most immersive racing game, period. Even in 2019. The textures, lighting, sound, environments, car detailing, everything is either completely or nearly perfect. I wish that FH4 looked and (especially) sounded like this.

johnalexzurdo GOW says:

Un juego adelantado a su epoca

Takumi Fujiwara 87 says:

wow que graficos O.O

Rodrigo Felix says:

ooh how I wanted a sequel…

Francisco Canales says:

Molesta la cámara con lluvia….

Boxterades Productions says:

Gorgeous visuals.

fajrul farihin says:

truly a noob player

BraggestFall says:

New Video : DRIVECLUB Gameplay @Night – Heavy Rain Realistic Cockpit View No HUD [1080p HD]

Ph4ntomzM47 says:

Who’s watching in 2019

jason c says:


A N x I E N T says:

imagine driveclub 2…

Conor says:

99% Water
1% Graphics

Rachel Ossa says:

Not a clean racer is what i see

Thiago Santos De Sousa says:


Ruslan Impulse says:

Водишь как лох!

Steve Kimble S. says:

Why TF is there no NEW Driveclub 2!?!?

Evans Mwangi says:

worst driver ever!!

vanco says:

Drive Club has a cult following . People in general appreciate and love this game . Why cant Sony just continue this game as its own Forza ??

sam Borriello says:

Que malo

Nicki says:

This game is some ass when it comes to micro transactions which is a shame because it looks dam good

Jorge Martin Porro says:

Malísimo este juego

Roman Efimov says:

Чувак понятия не имеет что такое правильная траектория )

vycentus el mandaloriano says:

gta 6

Evan Robinson says:

Is your example of this game seriously a rainy screen the whole time? Think about stuff before you do it dude

Рома Касимов says:

Ездун ещё тот

shayan zr says:

COME ON BRO! You’re playing a respectful Drive Club! Not a dirty NFS!!! NOOB AF!

Monz says:

Turn of the hud in this game and you would think you’re watching a real race. This game looks perfect, still. Especially in the wet. Just beautiful

Davideo Jockey says:

your steering sensitivity is low af wtf

dallas gaming says:

Houa la qualité image magnifique

LOTREK says:

Just rain no game ! Forza 4 got it ALL

Joaqo Star says:

Forza horizon is much much better

The Gent says:

So this is the beloved Driveclub? The driving looks so restricted on this game. It looks worse than Forza. But damn.. Those graphics.

Samuel Mendoza says:

Convive usted maneja malisimo

vinny240sx dba says:

God your terriable at driving

Studio Man says:

You could just write PS4, without PRO. All the same.

Truth sayer says:

I have played video games since they were first invented, and this is one game that is massively underrated.

Máté Simon says:

Thats why better than gs sport

thunder says:

I recently got this on my ps4 pro and it looks good I guess, but this is just next level- does anyone know why?

Sanji Sanji says:

How the fuck do u change the view ? Makes it so much easier to drive

Samar's Gadgets World says:

Huge respect for driver club really
What a level of graphics they have made
They are ahead of time

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