Supercars RallyCross at Lydden Hill – DiRT 4 Gameplay
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Thumbnails/Graphics by: https://twitter.com/TheZestyOranges

Equipment I use:
Capture Card: Elgato HD60
Thrustmaster TX 458 Italia Wheel (Xbox One)
Thrustmaster T150 Racing Wheel (PS3/PS4)

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Mantas Rėkus says:

where is audi and mathias huh?

Calvin van Gils says:

Is it just me or is the mirror really weird placed at 16:08

Kandy says:

only 4 people on RX?

lionemessi says:

I read once tiametmarduk in spain. registered a time fast enough to qualify sixt in the Spain formula 1 grand prix

gozda1995 says:

the graphics in the rear view mirror is so 2006 like

Effect Phoenix says:

Ultra soft tires are better for this track 😛

Thc Somango says:

tio callate un poco no paras de hablar qie mierda!tontolaba

David Casillas says:

That’s not dirt 4, it is just dirt rally

Gaming Videos says:

Im not joking but i do find Rallycross more entertaining than F1 last few years. 2017 season is good sign so far and they can only do better.

Important thing make cars able to race close to one another, no drs and more affordable to attract more manufacturers and more teams. Also important make sure engines are fairly even on power with some kind of rule or limit. So that means racing would come down to aeor, chasis and driver skill instead of mainly based on who has the fastest car.

Eoin Kinsella says:

Im a rallycross driver btw ben

Harry Bowler says:

Do you have damage Ben?

HojozVideos says:

I see that you’ve sided with Ken Block and Andreas Bakkerud.


Manfredi Arcidiacono says:

Why Audi are absent?

SpiderMax says:

show dirt gameplay, explains what rally cross is. Are you serious?

Ellleventy Ellleven says:

Is this on console? because this looks worse than dirt rally

Pepijn Beek says:

I watch WRX vers often

Mauricio Andrés Diaz says:

Dirt Rally has better Graphics than this. Or PS4 gpu isn’t enough strong for this game. I’ll wait to Pc version. I’m really dissapointed.

Spudik Gaming and Homebrew says:

youve got to change your button mapping… change the handbrake to your clutch pedal… makes a world of difference

luki may says:

No EKS no fun

jam201984 says:

whats up ben i think i used to race you in F1 with the ARL?

shady records says:

there was nothing “insane” in this vid…

Gamer_Fall says:

bag pula in tot ahjasdhfgbiwergfera

iAmKing144 says:

Turn the fucking difficulty up batman good god


Cardboard car physic still there?

AdventuresWithAlan says:

how are people getting it early

BigWingGamer 1 says:

Ben you can take the last chicane flat btw good vid tho

Yusuf Lukman says:

career mode again please

RЄD says:

dirt 4 is more arcade now right? not like dirty rally. unplayable for me xD

ItsArctic says:

The way I raced in rallycross in DiRT Rally was to take the Joker as soon as possible. Given that no one else takes the Joker at the same time you do, you will be far from the pack which means plenty of breathing room on the track to make quick laps. Once everyone else takes their Joker, you should easily be able to pass them, whether that be while they are taking the Joker or you catch up to them since you have set quicker laps.

Adam Gasper says:

.6? No…try 1.6 seconds behind

Marcus Hesketh says:

aha when you spun into that joker I laughed so much

invertMASA says:

I really hope this is on a console. Cause it looks pretty awful graphics wise. And that’s coming from someone who can not wait for this game.

EDIT: found my answer. You need to ascend the master race.

Unknown Drifter says:

The brake bias is ment to do that like when you go into a corner you loose the back and you can slide the corner quickly

shierfruitsalad says:

I’m not too impressed by the graphics nor the interiors of the car (which bums me out bc i play like you with the head cam) HOWEVER the game still looks like a lot of fun.

Tommy712rus says:


GGbro 13 says:

Am I the only person thinking that dirt 3 graphics looked a little better car wise?

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