DiRT 4 Gameplay Career Mode Part 4: Home Race Disadvantage

DiRT 4 Xbox One Gameplay – Career Part 4 – Aussie Rally at Fitzroy
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Thumbnails/Graphics by: https://twitter.com/TheZestyOranges

Equipment I use:
Capture Card: Elgato HD60
Thrustmaster TX 458 Italia Wheel (Xbox One)
Thrustmaster T150 Racing Wheel (PS3/PS4)

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Thin Soldier says:

Shut up and drive.

Aydan Matthews says:

please do a post com for these so you dont crash!

Jonathan Reeves says:

hey Ben change your F1 wheel if you want to get a bit better the wheel you use effects your driving

Tom Turner says:

You cannot play a rally game and talk at the same time. Do the videos in silence, listen to the co-driver, take it a little more slowly and then do the commentary after.

I can tell this is going to be a fantastic game. The online play should hopefully be fantastic, but if it’s anything like Dirt 2 then there will be no margin for error. If you were playing this online against real players, you’d be running a good 30 seconds off first place per stage, especially with those time penalties.

Noir Antares says:

Please go back to post-comms…

joash law says:

just stick to f1 and on road racing

nicu says:

Change the camera angle please. I want to see the whole car.

ThommyZero says:

Tiametarduk, do an online server for all those that have the game.

Mr. Stick says:

Listen Ben…… Either pay attention to your co-driver, or at least look at the visual prompts. When you don’t slow down for hairpin bends, you crash. It’s that simple.

The Shad says:

Drive slower, rally is not about pushing the car to 100% but making it to the finish and being consistent.

Alex Spinozzi says:

Do a post com, that way you get to concentrate on the driving and not worry about commentate whist driving.. the talking is distracting you and your not listening to your co driver/ spotter

Toby Pettitt says:

Ben, to avoid crashing due to lapse in concentration do a post-com rather than live com

Robbas says:

In Dirt Rally and DR4 you need to listen to the notes and watch the road Ben, its not F1 😉 And less talk more racing in the future.

Afif Razali says:

Postcom please Ben ffs

daniric_roz says:

Just shut up its so fkn annoying seeing u drive like a retard and crashing when if u listen to your co driver, u wouldnt

Questa è Benzinah says:

306 Maxi please!

Alfred Ristan says:

Hope the request is not too late . You need to do the Wales Rally . I just did it with a R2 car. Really nice challenging stages. Hope you continue with the series.

Pixel Division says:

“Oh god shut up Ben just drive” 3 seconds later “Like I was saying” seriously?

Joshua Ocso says:

you know why ben is so bad at rally? because he keeps talking while driving!!! can you just atleast do a post com Ben?

Byron Black says:

usa trophy and listen to your co- driver

Lawrence Price says:

Are you going to watch anymore game clips in the club Ben?

Tallim Burgin-Dixon says:

And people thought rally was easy than F1

Maarten Robijn says:

hej Ben, you really need to get a feel for the way a certain car responds. Then you can adopt your driving to it. And yes, as everybody said: listen to the co driver. Maybe you can set the amount of time the codriver is ahead of you?

David Lopezvega says:

Just like rfactor crashes

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