DiRT 4 – First Hour and a Half Gameplay!

Introductory Race: 5:00
Career Mode: 12:43
Your Stage (Race in Sweden): 29:18
Buying/Decorating a Car: 36:38
Your Stage (Long Race in Spain): 42:17
Career Mode Pt. 2: 53:30
Hiring Staff: 1:08:10
RallyCross: 1:09:28
Final Thoughts 1:21:25

On Tuesday (May 16, 2017), I got the opportunity to meet up with Deep Silver, to live stream the first hour and a half of DiRT 4! I got to test out the Career Mode, Free Rally, Your Stage creator tool, and RallyCross racing! Check out this preview of DiRT 4!

Gameplay from Standard Playstation 4 preview build of DiRT 4
Wheel Used: Logitech G29

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isolatedRay says:

is the resolution of the video really poor or does it really look that bad on ps4 compared to the PC version?

SpikyCactus says:

Excellent livestream guys. Game looks fantastic!! Really excited to get my hands on it.

Gamer God says:

bad quality video

SpatialDragon says:

Okay well, that is trying to cover a lot of ground in a short time. I do want more on the track maker and land rush/rally karts/buggies and trucks. Good effort considering the setup and all.

RuubenMix says:

Turn down your mic volumes

fetB says:

23:12 floating headlights – nice

PS: did tehy finally took teh 5min to make the driver animation for full rotation degrees?

Ale81udine says:

Gamer for children, simulation for men

Stone2D3D says:

Difficult to drive with the wheel between his knees… What is this? Am I suppose to take these guys serious?

ReM[i]X says:

does non simulation feel like dirt 3?

AL says:

is there only one view in the game?

Jason Bock says:

Still waiting for a watchable review of this game with a good driver. This certainly wasn’t it

harshlens says:

Are the rain effects still from another decade ?…

Bouncy Tigger says:

I gave up after about 10 minutes, does that Powers guy ever shut up? Still, I’m sure there will be some good streams of Dirt 4 in weeks to come.

xela says:

I’m confused. Is it released on the 6th or 9th of june??

Luca costaa says:

why tha fuck is the guy that talks in the game Irish? literally the most annoying English accent ever… after southern American or hillbilly.

Brad A says:

Never enough content in dirt games anymore… I mean only 5 locations? really?

vjollila96 says:

you need to stop for marshal manualy? thats pretty cool RBR had that too

AESCULAPTORmark3 says:

Why didn’t you elbow that fucking clown on your right in the nose ? Fuck me was that guy annoying. Pointless watching with people continually talking. Talking with nothing to say.

Oliver Oolup says:

I love those little details like drones, crahsed cars and all that kind of stuff

crankigeek says:

Deep Silver / Codemasters could you please use someone who knows what he’s talking out to promote the title. Stuff like options for modifying your seating position or FOV is basic stuff and often may be available on console but not PC and a rep should be able to answer on this…

KRIBZ 45 Gaming says:

the dickhead talking ruined this vid

sexymilo83 says:

My only Question is does it have Ps vr Support like Dirt Rally

damien o brien says:

track generator is an excuse 4 fuck all content 5 locations is the least ever any rally game ever heres hoping sim mode handles like slre again lots aimed at the american market michigan dirt buggies at least ken block is gone some saving grace.

kratos47tr says:

birazda araç dışıdan oynasaydınız.yapçağınız incelemeyi s…

Oliver Oolup says:

Can xbox run this on 60fps?

Adrian Stealth says:

after dirt rally not remembering my controls each time I use to boot it up
I cant be bothered to even boot it up anymore ….also not bothering with dirt 4 due to potential similar frustrations that support will not support

Theninjagecko says:

God this looks like it controls like absolute dog shit.

Matthew Miller says:

Nothing helps sell a game like a pushy yes man trying to shove bullshit down the throat of people already interested in their product. Really gave me goosebumps the way he pulled the e-brake and 180’d out of those chat questions about FoV and analog brake controls.

Respect to Codemasters for building the game with arcade or simulation as I personally got bored of arcade but the simulation stuff is a burden if you have a controller. This stream would have been more enjoyable, if the backseat driver was left at the office.

Lorenzo Langini says:

why fucking Michigan Not finland or germany

Evan Snyder says:

is he using a steering wheel or controller?

Shawn Limbach says:

I am at 14 minutes and can’t stand listening to this guy. SRP wish you could just do the review and let him answer question. Time to go.

Emilio Echeverria says:

is it going to be able to play with LOGITECH-G29?

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