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Welcome back to Crossout and today we’re doing something a little bit different. There is a racing mode in Crossout so we’re trying to build the best all-around race vehicle that we can. I hope you enjoyed this episode of Crossout, thanks for watching and liking.

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Daniel Sandoval says:

Draegast’s Logic: Lots of Wheels; Lots of Rockets; And a big-ass build made for anything but racing!

Clayton Paepke says:

don’t put rockets on the top of your creation

Creepercreep 12 says:

Make the boaters do in pairs like 2 go and the other 2 go and so on u can change what buttons use the boost when u click gun next to save car so once u have enough u can have an average booster top speed which is good but rly heavier cars are better cause it doesn’t affect speed but accel which doesn’t matter since u have rockets and boosters on your car also get wheels that support more mass because then if u don’t that’s when u have less speed

Rivaling FlamesGames says:

Im_an_otter is a dick

Egilz Roshi says:

Hey Drae, u was blowing up cause u had too many boosters turned on at once. You use 8 boosters and set every pair to diffrend key, which will allow you to drive on boost whole race


Make a stealth crossbow sniper things

TWEEKL says:

something you might not know is that you can keybind each different thruster. you can do this by the little icon 3rd from the bottom right. this allows you to have lots of boosters but don’t have to use them all at the same time which cause you to explode.

ClackProoo Official says:


Echo GGaming says:

More cross out

Aihson Avais says:

Whhy does he sound like he’s about to tape someone when he laguhs

Julian Essink says:

try key binding

Yolo Gamer says:


Arad Seyed says:

PLEASE, JUST please. do some fucking research when making a video. so you dont make a fool out of yourself. fuck the double uploads, id rather have quality iver quantity

Endslayer says:

13:48 #fake draegast lol

Brian Roberts says:

Probably the worst builder ive ever found… theres a reason why we dont see you build besiege crafts and cant create some decent content

MadVillain K says:

Stop jinxing it draegast and I use twin wheels for racing to be less prone to flipping

Outertale Sans says:

Please play robo recall

HellBrYnger says:

#fakeDraegast @13:50 😀

Hughjass 21 says:

‘Flips mid air uncontrollably but luckily lasts on his tyres’
Drea – ‘talks about how well balanced this thing is in the air’
Me – ‘wtf did u not see what JUST happened XD’

Big Smoke says:

Yo dawg, I heard you like rockets…

DanMcSharp says:

You should put on all the rockets you can, as low as possible (but not below frame level) and then place them on multiple hotkeys like you would for weapons.

Chr0nic1er says:

After the skimming the comments, and seeing much “OMG Drae sucks at building” all I gotta say is… Dude, he got 2nd, 4th, and 2nd. So, he’s either a boss at driving, or he’s at least top 30% when it comes to building. So, rock on Drae!

FuckYouGooglePlus says:

“this thing is great. It doesn’t flip at all”… He says after JUST losing a race because he flipped just 2 checkpoints before the finish.,

Xeroxs says:

0:05 he, he, he

Zerakiel says:

Draegast if you try to race again you may try adding another set of boosters on the back that you can trigger separately from the others for those races with long straightaways.

UchihaSasuke DAYAO says:

I love the videos you make drae thank you

Kyle Falkenberg says:

It triggers me that Drae only uses steering wheels. Like, either have front wheel steering, or front and rear steering with a non steering wheel in the center. Since non steering wheels have a better P2W ratio than testing wheels

William Adderholdt says:

13:48 “[Team][Im_An_Otter]: #fake draegast”

V70scope Spammer killer says:

5:48 whatsapp huh??????


Krom alanzi says:

HEY YOU thanks for watching

Kampel Dario says:

He has Race Wheels and doesn’t even notice them… Well, I will say it doesn’t tilt me at all, tho I will be sarcastic.

Zachary Metcalf says:

Draegast Ever thought about playing Gaijins best game, War Thunder??

Caiden Pahl says:

Im in there at 12:24

Scott Busby says:

I enjoyed this! Your second build was quite good.

Shibbidah says:

Heeeeeeey I raced against you! I’m in that last race on bridge. Unfortunately I got knocked off the bridge at the beginning and couldn’t make it up.

Asainoodles says:

13.54 Nooo!!!

BEING ME says:

10:15 maximum overdrive

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