CRAZY TUBE MAP RACE! (DCR3D Best Creations) – Dream Car Racing 3D Gameplay Ep30

Welcome to another episode of Dream Car Racing 3D! Today we try our hand at a crazy difficult trial map with crazy tubes and obstacles we must drive our car through. Lets see if we can find a car that can do it!

Which one was your favorite?


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About the Game:

Dream Car Racing 3D is a game where you can design your own cars and race them.
Designing the perfect frame and steering system for the car of your dreams is no simple matter.
If you are interested, and are up for the challenge, this game is for you!

Key Features of the game:
– Car editor: Build your own cars.
– Single player: Race on procedurally generated tracks.
– Sandbox: Compete with other players using your cars.
– 100% realistic soft body physics: Slow down the time. Build deformable cars.
– User-generated content: Create and share your vehicles, tracks and maps.

Steam page:


Székely Áron says:

You have 2 unread E-mails?? (8:33)

GamingWil ! says:


Joshua Graham says:

Great driving scrap man

billy bob forever says:


kevin watt says:


Gybo13 says:

Scrap man if you read this please use it, cooltage is something that make it slow motion in a cool stunt

Remix24 says:

30th comment

RoyalePunk Brunt says:

and i am rhe first viewer

RoyalePunk Brunt says:

i am the first one omg

Furious Creators says:

scrap man =the best

Blaze 054 says:

hello 🙂

ReckNeon Pheonix says:

lol who got here because of scrapman’s amazing idea called discord?

Peekofwar says:

Yes, has great crash physics, and other simulations that make the car run.

Ranfys Munoz says:

beam ng

RoyalePunk Brunt says:

plese give me a shoutout

PJ tube says:

you are te best

Kealii Iaea says:

Do more sm challenges. Like a wall climbing car without using thrusters.

DkmarcusDk says:

Nice video! 😀

Joshua Graham says:


Jack Kelsey says:

Thanks for yet another great vid Scrapman! You always brighten up my day!

Carl0 the PRO says:

12:40 your sopose to have two wheels on top and also 2 wheels on bottom

chain stoker says:

scrap man you should look up either mnkymn1002 or mnstrmn9595 in the published cars in game and use some of the cars

Jakob Bob says:

On multiplayer mondays do an average race with glitches and thrusters plz

Jeffrey Sungs says:

scrapman can you please reply hi and btw good video

RoyalePunk Brunt says:


Emil Khalid says:

17th comment

Kealii Iaea says:

Try do a derby on sm and make your vehicles have special attacks.



Kealii Iaea says:

4th like. Your welcome

Gion Tantan says:


Edvin says:

read the description of the map

xOVER GAMERxx says:

you know what you need there scrap man you need a slow flying vehicle

Suliman Ibrahim says:


ScrapMan says:

Which fail was your favorite? Leave a comment with the time stamp!

Oranos Dragon says:

cool video

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