CRAZY LEGO DERBY! – Brick Rigs Multiplayer Gameplay – Lego Jumps Race & Demo Derby

Crazy Lego Derby in Brick Rigs Multiplayer Gameplay!

Derby & Race in Brick Rigs gameplay! Racing and crashing derby cars in race tracks and a derby track. This is Brick Rigs multiplayer gameplay & race challenge! Who’s demo derby car is the strongest?

☆Beautiful OB:
☆Camodo Gaming:

More Brick Rigs:

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About Brick Rigs:

“Brick Rigs is a sandbox lego building game that allows you to build many kinds of vehicles, including cars & planes! From a variety of bricks and experience their dynamic driving physics in a sandbox environment even in multiplayer!”

Brick Rigs Steam Download:

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Carlos Salazar says:

spy play roblox

Erebus Eurus says:

BEST VIDEO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Elian Gallardo says:

who else saw O.B. and his car and just realized

clongstockampcom says:

Spy cakes I love your vids! Please keep doing brick rigs

Henry Huynh says:

i dont Know

EnderBeGaming Sanchez says:


jansen says:

I created an Instagram account for brickrigs players. It’s called brickrigs_ig_community. The goal is bringing all brickrigs players together on Instagram

Adrian Guillang says:

Play Yland you haven’t play Yland yet

TheOneNOnlyDraden024 says:


Eliah Rivas says:

Try ROBLOX or Minecraft

Kendrick Barnes says:

IT’S MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Captivedrop3102 says:


james sexton says:

i know i just wuntedto tack

precoursor fox says:

keep up ur legendary work please u da best

roselene bellevue says:

AND IT WAS SO COOL I LIKE IT SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

carl nolasco says:


roselene bellevue says:

spy to a minecraft serie pls im your bigest fan

muting chen chen says:

You should make a train challenge then you guys defend your trains while zombies come

Krakn Gaming says:

Hi spycake

Mr. unitato says:

Drop a nuke on the city ):D muhuhahahhaahHaHaHahHaHAHAHAHHAAH

SpyCakes says:

Smashing cars into another dimension in Brick Rigs demo derby and more! What should we do next?

Razina Chowdhury says:


Read More

Anthony Ferrara says:

do a 4 player sumo but in any monster you want.

violy corrales says:

spy cakes I love you

Henry Huynh says:

i liKe the game

rajiv8sp says:

Play gmod

Midminer 594 says:

Hoverncar derby

James Reynolds says:

hi spycakes

james sexton says:

im your 1 subscriber

kelli davis says:

Stop fighting

Ninja Blaze says:

Spy was first on the last race he went around the track and almost lapped camodo

Little scooter riders99 says:

You guys should have a big banana war


gmod maze race

Midminer 594 says:

Hover car derby

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