Crash Team Racing Nitro Fueled – Polar Pass FULL RACE GAMEPLAY!

Crash Team Racing Nitro Fueled Polar Pass Gameplay! Welcome to FULL GAMEPLAY of Crash Team Racing Nitro Fueled! Crash Team Racing on the PS1 is one of the greatest racing games of all time so I have no doubt Crash Team Racing Nitro Fueled will be able to be the same!
Tracks played From Crash Team Racing Nitro Fueled
Polar Pass

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Crash Team Racing Nitro Fueled PS4 Remastered is a PS4 & PS4 Pro game with gameplay remastered from the ground up to capture the nostalgia of it’s PS1 original.
Crash Team Racing Nitro Fueled PS4 Remastered is the newest game in the Crash Bandicoot Franchise! If Crash Team Racing Nitro Fueled for PS4 does well, does that mean we’ll get a sequel? I certainly hope so!
I hope you enjoy my content of Crash Team Racing Nitro Fueled PS4 Pro Remastered

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TobyDoge Musics says:

I used to go around imitating the seal’s noises on this track when my mind wandered off. The world needs more seals.

FriggenNugget says:

i fucking hate Polar

this post was made by Coco mains

Blue Hedgehog with Shoes and Gloves says:

I know its not the final version Its just a beta/alpha


*About the Controls:*
They should fix the boost and reverse thing. Because when they do the third boost it loses the speed (especially when touches the wall), and the third boost it pushes to diagonal too making you automatically hit the wall or whatever it’s in your left or right side, see? It’s like CNK! I really hope they fix it!
It’s just a impression or you can now horn pressing a button? I listened to a horn in some of these Gameplays…. Is this a thing?

*About the OST:*
Some original sound effects still here like menu one, I hope they use O.G stoplight sound effect, make boost sound effect louder, bring back O.G CTR aku aku’s music and change voice actor to the n sane trilogy one (if isn’t him already), bring a option to change O.G or remastered soundtracks, Dynamic OST (ex: when you go inside a cave the music play with echo, when you’re underwater it play more “foggy”, etc), I observed that the music beat/rithym changes a bit when its final lap.
And please! Tell me those musics of soundtracks (especially crash cove) it’s just a beta, and it’s not finished, because I hated those excessive trumpets in every music that plays in this gameplay.

*About the menu:*
As a lot of people, me too, I want they change to checkers flag background… But as some people say it’s just a beta, I really hope so, then I will not complain about it.
About being a beta too, I will not complain about they don’t show the way of a track when you’re choosing it (like in O.G).
The menu sound looks to be the same as O.G that’s a good point, I like it.
Under the name of a track it shows “N. sanity Beach area”, “Glacier Park Area”, etc. that’s a good point too.

*About the HUD/layout or whatever it called:*

I prefer their 2D icons, nothing against, but 3D icons don’t fits so well when the rest of things are all 2D icons (except wumpa fruit), and the position bar looks smaller than O.G one, “Ah, it’s because it will block your view of the track” not if you keep it in the left corner, just make it a little more bigger than it actually is than would be better, and when you hit someone, their icon don’t become RED or GREEN like O.G, idk if they will fix it but I hope so. The wumpa fruit count looks slower than in O.G, better they fix it and make wumpa fruit more bright when get 10 wumpa fruits

*About the graphics:*
As everyone saying and know, the game have amazing graphics, the brightness, shadow, texture of tracks, the snow, sand or mud being thrown and stuck in the wheels, the water looks awesome too (looks more realistic than in Crash 3 from N Sane trilogy Toad Village, etc), I loved every details in all tracks (especially the cave/tunnel at polar pass and crash cove under the waterfall). Nothing more to be said, it’s already totally awesome and beautiful graphics.

*About the characters:*
Oh well…. Even being most of CNK voice actors, looks like… It’s a bit….. Weird…. Like when Coco say “bandicoot power” it’s there’s not much enthusiasm when she say that, it’s for most of characters who say something, some quotes are good, other aren’t too good as O.G, I hope they fix it, And About Polar, I prefer when he bark, grown, like a dog…. (He’s a poodle wear of a bear), Pura sounds so annoying in this game, he meows every time, more than any other character, and his meows need to be less “annoying”, why they don’t use real cat sounds? And not a guy trying to imitate a cat…. Idk… But doesn’t look so good, about crash (even reminds me all the time the fucking Crash of The Titans and Mind Over Mutant, it’s Good a bit, idk… But I didn’t heard any “WOAH” through the entire gameplay, and “WOAH” is the only thing he can say, it’s not annoying, it’s just crash being Crash, like Mario saying “it’s me, Mario” and sonic saying “gotta go fast”… Don’t change something that it’s already quiet in it’s corner and everyone accepts, plz!


+Tealgamemaster how to not ruin this remake : the online mode should only serve to let the gamers race against each other ( no need to force us to use it by setting the uncknoables and the achievements as something that can be obtained by playing the online mode like those assholes at sony did with syphon filter omega strain ) , include al lthe characters from the crash universe , even those who come from games created after crash ctr , include the option to select the original sound track and the original sound effect from the original game like develoeprs did for the remake of resident evil 2

LogicalMarcochip says:

Polar sounds waaaaay off.

CrashGuy41 says:

They actually fixed the issue in the PS1 version. That issue was when you would come up to speed ramp and you were to get hit, instead of going on the speed ramp and making the jump, you would instead fall into the pit and lose time.

✦Dylan✦ says:

This was one of my favourite tracks from the original, I’m really looking forward to seeing Hot Air Skyway, Roo’s Tubes and Oxide Station. The music from this track has definately been done justice too.

444DCP says:

Polar is one of my favorite characters. I’m pretty much him ALL. THE. *TIME.*

tj2gaming says:


Elton Pantoja says:

1) Polar sounds weird, specially that “Ooo Hoo” (sometimes he sounds like a chicken – Pura sounds like a chicken sometimes too) and 2) Why his head goes so backwards? I mean the impulse causes this movement, but i think it is too exaggerated.

Acreminimore says:


Yosua Albert says:

They didnt change the menu move/choose sound effects

Alex Martinez says:

Why does polar kinda sound like crash?

Nathaniel Foga says:

Shut and take my Gems !!!

Mikemonster311 says:

Very impressed. I like how if you tumble on boosts you still gain forward momentum. Nice touch. Animation when boosting looks great too.

Robo TicTac says:

He kinda blends Into the snow

Robo TicTac says:

Polar sounds like a drunk scooby doo

nintendolife25 says:

Dear Lord, that Polar Pass remix. It’s so beautiful….

KonKon Art says:

A few things;
-momentum is maintained if you get hit by a weapon (much more than OG CTR). Polar managed to clear a gap in a tumble state (0:49), something that never happens in OG due to stopping all momentum the second you get hit.
-Even in tumble (post hit) state the player can still land on boost pads and it will propel the player in the direction of the boost pad (0:51)
-nitro boost pad definitely got nerfed in this build. In OG you can make it from the boostpad before the jump over the lake at 3:03 to the next boost pad without dropping boost, but in Nitro fueled you can’t even make it 3/4 the way before returning to base speed.
-polar pass is definitely wider than OG. In the narrow bridge section over the lake you can barely fit 2 karts side by side in OG, in Nitro you can fit 3 comfortably with maybe even 4.
-at 0:55 rockets don’t seem to track over hills like in OG. You can block a base missile using the physical environment (nice detail)
-bombs are wider at 10 wumpa fruit and maybe have a wider contact hitbox?

MrGreyjeep says:

The graphics aren’t as good as the original

El Vis Ky. says:


Raed Skerek says:

People who avoid collecting Wumpa Fruit, do you not know that they don’t just improve your weapons, do you not know that they actually make you go faster? Have you never played the original game or something?

Angelo Guevara says:

owwww oh how lovely polar 🙂

jethawk1172 says:


Jonathan Dee says:

the sound design isn’t as satisfying as in the originals.

Wahi011 says:

3:26 that laugh though

CaptainKai01869 says:

Awwww man Polar Pass is looking amazing!! So excited! 😀

Robo TicTac says:

They should add a expert mode that makes the AI do a lot of power slides like a good player

Patricia Cardenas says:

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