Cars 3: Driven to Win (PS4) Gameplay – Master-Level Event (Jackson Storm Race)

I know, I know. i didn’t choose Lightning, but I was just trying to play with different cars to see what they sounded and felt like on the road. I honestly wasn’t expecting to beat Storm on my first try though. If you guys really want to see a race between Lightning and Storm, i will make another one.


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*Using the Elgato Game Capture HD to record videos at 720p 60 fps. Using Sony Vegas Pro for editing and voice overs.


new movie trailers says:

0:56 storms sticking up for McQueen?

Jyran McMillan says:

Still would’ve been better if LIGHTNING was in the race cause that is how it goes in the game
Plus Storm made a burn on Chick that made my day even better

Ethan Nolley says:

well at least Jackson stood up for McQueen even though he’s mean to Everyone

Andrei Balajadia says:

this is more better than cars 2

Ethan Nolley says:

Jackson dose not know what’s coming for him I’m staying in front for the hole challenge I like to win

Ethan Nolley says:

your awesome dude

R O B E R T C O P says:

*crashes into wall*
“Speed’s all that counts.”

Katie fan 1 says:

i cant wait for the showcasing of all the cars and all the challenges.

Jake Merchant says:

so is there free roam or not?

145 3 GÖRKEM says:

This game can be better when they add more characters and paint jobs.

Ethan Nolley says:

go bro

Theblahblahgames says:

Rubhen, how did you get the game
second, thank you. you saved my money for something better because these graphics and animations are in my opinion way worse than cars 2

Bloost says:

Congrats on winning! You’re really good at this game! I hope I can get it soon! Lol, I loved the ending! Do you plan on seeing Cars 3? I am!!

denzel cool says:

i want to play it!!!!!!!.!!!!i!!!!!

Karen Wright says:

This game’s roster is tiny compared to Cars 2 or Race O Rama! Zak Wright,18,UK.


It’s that armie hammer’s voice because some actors don’t sound like Jackson storm

Philomena Ramiah says:

jackson is such a show off!

Andrea says:

Wow imm really looking forward this as a big Cars fan! Will you do a Cup gameplay with Cruz Ramirez or Swift?

Pedro Casaca says:

Are you going to bring more videos? I love this videos but this is the final race

Philomena Ramiah says:


Jose Luis XD says:

Use bobby swift plz

Ryan Vanderhoof says:

This is terrible compared to the first cars game it had some cool tracks like that one song from tony hawks underground 2 sadly it was only an instrumental

The Awesome Youtuber says:

shut up already Jackson storm you dont stop talking

Pablo Puente says:

Wow Jackson storm is getting chased by miss fritter.

Jyran McMillan says:

Looks like Jackson can’t handle a little mud

Sem Doeswijk says:

How do you get that game from?

_ItsSilentghost _ says:


MatheusGamer257 says:

Hey rubhen,
Is this game going to have the same Xbox 360?

BoostTheNeonRacecar says:

Poor Jackson xD

Mariovo5 says:

I Don’t know it looks like a slow gameplay. Original speed should be when you’re going thru the speed zones to boost up your speed.

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