A Race to Press the Button! | V2 Early DLC 2 Gameplay!

Today I share some more early access gameplay for CoD WW2 DLC 2, this time on the map V2. This is definitely the smallest map in this pack and it has a very interesting dynamic element when you press the button in the middle! What are your thoughts?

Dunkirk Gameplay: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gWY9c_qLpyg

Egypt Gameplay: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z5NmUG2Jo-w

Operation Husky Gameplay: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G0rjYYXO40Q

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Nick van Wingerden says:

I played a match with the waffe 28 today and i think it had a buff, can you find out if there where weapons buffed / nerfed with this update?

maroonoasis says:

the map seems to be too small

famousyoungchief says:

yo I pre order the dlc and im so so so hype to play it today im live streaming later today

Disco Stu says:

They copied ghosts

8SH0CK8 says:

Remind me of some BO1 maps

ANHR1 Plays says:

Reminds me if bo1s interactive maps

xMapleSin says:

Ace, were you able to voice your opinion on any changes you feel WW2 needs?

Eddie Velasquez says:

Getting some Radiation vibes from BO1 looking at this map, definitely going to enjoy this one a lot

Zach Padgett says:

Anybody else notice the weird ripple effect on the minimap?

东北幽默的爷们 says:

How do people not know you’re legally bound to say that? common sense 9if you’ve been watching youtube for years)

wvusmc says:

This map looks like fun

Tom Cabler says:

This is going to be awesome!

Ryan Gay says:

Has anyone checked the Marksman challenge’s? There’s like 5 new guns in the challenge list!?

Eric Gauthier says:

Bring back *One in the Chamber* game mode. Always fun and a good way to improve accuracy

TTundragrizzly says:


Albino Viper says:

you dont just go to the second level and the button for the rocket is there, noooo its on top of the rocket

radu Eduard says:

Why are there so many player slots? It s ground war?

ClassicLimited says:

9:59 nice your not a money seeking whore

john petroski says:

What’s the ping you make on the minimap every time you respawn?? Also what’s the icon on the lower right that looks similar to the resupply of forge?

Night Lightz says:

Unlimited sprint sucks.

nicknack daddyack says:

I like it….and as far as the B flag….let the other team have it…..you will win with A and C lol.

Chase Murphy says:

Haha Marley13 was on the other team and kept stealing B from your team lol

Jeremy Yoder says:

This reminds me of that Bo2 map that had nuclear silos and a hill with the propane tank on it…

manny poullard says:

Hate how all the dlc maps are 2 inches long, no verity in this game

lacho249 says:

The one thing I love about the newer maps is the atmosphere and background noises actually feels like there is a war happening during playing makes the game feel so much more intense

ElectroFreak1816 says:

dlc 2 trailer looked a bit disappointing, but gameplay from each map + war & zombies all looks phenomenal, everything seems to offer new/classic cod experiences and I’m extremely excited

Eric Gauthier says:

Bring back *One in the Chamber* game mode. Always fun and a good way to improve accuracy

dubj5191 says:

There is more than two weapon prestige’s now if you prestige to level 3 it says you are now eligible to complete challenge for gold leopard camo.

TheHenkShow says:

Hey man LMG Fire rate increased when using bipod now! Please make a video of it! 🙂 Also it now uses your ammo from the reserves when you should so you don’t have to reload.

Jkmackness Ps4 says:

Bette then resistance

MuscledRMH says:

The DLC maps in WWII really showcase how SHGames is evolving in terms of map designs. The DLC maps are so much better and more enjoyable than the base maps. It at least shows good things for the future DLC maps and their future games

Tomas Ramirez says:

I pay 100 dls for the game on xbox one. Why would I have to wait
A month to play it when activision
Gets my money since december

RickerdTM says:

Never ever buy Cod for PC again! Unless you want to get raped over and over again by SHG. Want to cover something on that story ace? Why pc players getting raped over and over with updates, missing orders and missing bribes? It’s fucking disgusting.


It seems like quarry from mw2 because by in v2 you can shoot down like quarry

Sugna 7 says:

Hey Ace, I understand that with the new update there is a lot to cover and you are doing a great job, but I was wondering if you could give us some tips on jumpshots and diveshots. Thanks

Keith says:

I’m not sure why people would be asking you why you thank activision. Even if it wasn’t a legal requirement, it’s just respectful to thank a company for flying you out in general….

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