10 Minutes of The Next Penelope: Race to Odysseus Gameplay (Nintendo Switch)

We check out 10 minutes of top-down shooter, The Next Penelope: Race to Odysseus on the Nintendo Switch!

Footage captured by Nintendaan:
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RasenRendan X says:

the music is so damn good.

Shigeru Miyamoto says:

The next MARIO. Race to the oddysey

Tiffany-Chan123 says:

Is it weird that whenever I hear Racing and Penelope in the same sentence I think of Penelope Pitstop from Wacky Races?

Critical Games says:

You should do a notification squad called #XplainationCrew like #NotificationSquad

Depression Obsession says:

The Next Penelope: race to odysuess
Mario Odysey
mario rip off

Michael Dust says:


isaacplayer42 says:

Super Mario Odysseus

ItzATM says:

The Switch is just simply the best console I’ve ever owned since the Game Boy Color back in 1998. They have everything: Original titles, Remasted ports of classic games, dozens of Indies, you name it.

Apple Of Doom says:

looks like a dull f zero. The 3d f zero like game is better

Rimel Pena says:


Work–Man IceHammer says:

10 Minutes of “The Net Neutrality”?

TheSilvermane149 says:

Maybe its just me but the animation makes it look like the ship misses every jump badly.

Charlé Ouel says:

Mmmm so F-Zero x Starfox? or something like that … any way look fun.

Lord of the Cats says:


Hrothgar says:

Well.. i was about to praise it because it’s a french game and it has changed so much since a very old interview of the dev I’ve seen on a french channel years ago, when it was just polygons and basic sounds, but uh.. doesn’t look that good, to be honest.. it feels very raw and unpolished..

King Me Jumpman says:

Looks like a glorified mobile game…

Riley Briggs says:

Wow we just finished reading The Oddesy in school not too long ago what are the odds.

Todd Marshall says:


LumenLumen says:

Don’t like it, nor do I hate it. They could have definitely done more instead of sitting on the bland fundamentals.

DjofDeVos says:

DONT BUY DONT BUy looks odd chalange is not there fishish obrubt no sing of it being meaningfull

Ivan Cordeiro Braga says:

Super Penelope (Charmosa/Pitstop) Odyssey

Halvey says:

Looks pretty bland.

Alfonse The Askr Prince says:

This feels like a mobile phone game tbh

eraykaan says:

oh hey penelope from indie pogo finally got her own game

juice hedgehog says:

This looks interesting, is it available on PS4 or PS Vita?

Arda Karadoğan says:


Christopher Angelos says:

I’m just waiting for that Kirby game

Just A Random Dude says:

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Neko Nomica says:

Looks like a top down F-Zero, with top notch music!
Good job, developers!

CionSAGA says:

You’re better off getting Enter the Gungeon (which was just released for the Switch recently) than this in my opinion.

Ace D. says:

The next flavor of the week. Looks like straight out of deviant art though

DoctorTricky says:

Huh. I’m reading the Odyssey for school, decide to take a break, and find this. Well, guess I’m destined to buy it?

Crazy Taco says:

This game looks dull as hell

Iattacku says:

I dont remember Penelope having an fzero car in The Odyssey

StarGazerTom1991 says:

Looks like a fun little game, if the price is right, I might buy

Nino Blarrow says:


Graphomite says:

Dull gameplay disguised to seem interesting with neat visuals and music.

Synth_Gaming says:

Would you Smash or Pass Penelope?

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