WILD DRAGONITE APPEARS – Pokemon Go Gameplay – [September 7th, 2017]

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I’ve been really itching to make some actual Pokemon Go Adventure videos, and I think I’m going to. Slowly, I’m learning 3D Animation and Editing, and over time, these videos will become more and more well produced. Today, just some Gym Animations and 3D images of Crocnaw and Exeggutor appear, but I am always learning more! My eventual goal is to make a fully immersive Pokemon Go video, with the Pokemon Go elements integrated in to the Real World.

In today’s video:
We encounter a Wild Dragonite in Pokemon Go, as well as struggle with a Lapras! Also, we get very frustrated at the Team Mystic presence in my Town, so look forward to that escalating as time goes on! I really hope you guys enjoy these more casual “Adventure” videos! And maybe you’ll learn how to catch a Dragonite and how NOT to catch a Lapras in Pokemon Go!

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Blazin' Incineroar says:

QOTD: When I played Go the rarest things I found where a wild gengar(not from the Halloween event) and a wild muk.

DeltaKing15 says:

Grats Steve, gl tomorrow to the Sawsbacks
Sawshank Redemption resembles to your team, to rebound!!!

FreeDoM87 says:

Good stuff man!


Thanks for watching! Your QotD: What is the best Pokemon you’ve caught in the wild in Pokemon Go?

Jeff Hottman says:

That was some funny shit !! Watching you epic fail that Lapras was hilarious!!

Rasmus Heby says:

QOTD: The best is my Dragonite. All others of my powerful mons have been evolved.

Bryce Bowman says:

So I don’t know if we’re still supposed to be reminding you to do one collab a week, but I’m gonna keep doing it.

Captain Crash says:

QOTD: Kabutops, which, early last August, was a friggin THRILL

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