WHAT’S INSIDE…? Opening x20 *NEW* EGGS! – Pokemon GO

Opening up x25 NEW eggs in Pokemon GO with AWESOME results! 🙂
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Ty Cam says:

bring us more ali a your a beast

Ben Yates says:

I have a wailmar nest at my school

Norsk Musikk Gamer says:

Its a…..


#panchimp #swag says:

is this a joke your channel is trash pokemon go is soooo old

Carson Nienhaus says:

try to get charzarid

Creep Frost says:

“Why did he have to misuse tropical house?” 🙁



Creeperman82905 says:

You know what chicken means in netherlands well its kip

Carson Nienhaus says:

do pokemon cards

Matt Iamartino says:

MORE Pokémon go

Nixky Civql says:


Archie’s Vlogs says:

Let’s go Pokémon GO

XxDealGamerXx says:


Divyansh Singh says:

my favourite pokemon go video made by him

Brody Hayashi says:

i have my shiney agron

xXARGOXx 2014 says:

I luv pokemon

1Sad Toaster says:

Nooo i thought you stopped playing pokemon GO

Vandersmissen Mario says:

Pokémon gooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!,

Serdominater Serdominater says:

I think it’s funny that this guy has 4 million subscribers and rarely ever breaks half a million views on his vids

Rectum Ballsworthy says:

who tf still plays this game

MISTIC 7 says:



VoLt Gamer says:

About time u need to keep uploading like one go videos

Bricktorious HD says:

Are you serious, you are still playing this game.

Archie Glaznieks says:

Pokemon go is dead

Creeperman82905 says:

I have two anorith i think maybe 1

Jalena says:

do more

II Young Sir II says:

I found a 986 CP Claydol in the wild

Creeperman82905 says:

I have 2 hariyamas

BennystgYT xp says:

my game is glitched and I cant

Capgang channel says:

Mystic 7 is better

Weston G says:

Click bait!!

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