Huge Mega Evolution News Regarding New Mechanics!
I can’t believe you can CHOOSE which MEGA?!
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Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu and Eevee, the newest titles to release on the Nintendo Switch this November, are set to be remade in the Kanto Region, which features many Mega Evolutions! The latest trailers show off Mega Evolution in Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu and how you can CHOOSE which Mega Charizard form to choose in battle! This likely means no held items in the game! We also see footage of LT. Surge, the SS Anne and Team Rocket, including Jesse and James!

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ENG Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X8SGlfXb3YI
JAPANESE Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CtiGjk5YP3U


Electrifying Silver says:


El3ctrogamer Mc shnoot shnoot says:

Please let there BE new mega

ppom9 says:

Unnecessary “WHAT?!”

W.D. Gaster says:

I actually just saw the trailer it looks amazing

Seph Siordian says:

What if they dont need to hold a mega stone and they can hold other held items while still being able to mega evolve. lol

casual addicted boy says:

did anyone see a keystone on lt surge ? If he has one that confirms that he will have a mega but I didn’t see one

Suicune152 says:

Having double mega charizard is pointless since one of them is irrelevant depending on the ability and moves. eg. czard x runs adamant or jolly, czard y, modest or timid and the two have completely different move sets in that charizard x runs any 4 of ddance, dragon claw, flare blitz, earthquake and roost whereas czard y carries any 4 of fire blast, flamethrower, air slash, focus blast, solar beam or roost. I dont see this mechanic having any effect on the future of competitive pokemon in the singles format but im not your guy to ask in terms of vgc.

piplup2009 says:

If this means no held items that’s horse shit, 600 less Pokémon and no wild battles is one thing but no hold items is going too far

El cactus de la muerte says:

Team rocket with mega arbok and weezing

John Garza says:

Pokemon lets go evee and pikachu might be like pokemon generations

Xavier Mendoza says:

Mega blastoise has always shot water out of its face instead of the cannon

Kirsty Winfield says:

YES! My favourite part about Generation 6 returns in these new Kanto remakes! I’m so hyped!! I haven’t been this excited since, again, Generation 6 which was 4 YEARS AGO!

Jaz 382 says:

Adrive r u gonna make more pocket pixel

johnwally14 says:

I really hope there is new Megas. I just don’t think there will be. Game freak don’t love us enough :/

Snivy 10 says:

What I’m thinking is that instead of having a charizardite x and charizardite y, there is just one item for both, like a charizardite xy? I wouldn’t assume they’d take away held items. That’s just such a big feature that is really important to hardcore players. Everyone needs their life orbs, berries, and choice items.

林聖偉 says:

I thought that let’s go will be settled in the non-megaevolveable multiverse
Which to be honest,I would love it more that way.
Sometimes,mega-evolve are too fancy for me.

xChubbz4lifex says:

So is no one going to address the fact how both Male and Female characters had “opposite” version starters in the ENG version?
Male had eevee and Female had pikachu.
I thought everyone was saying if you’re female you had to choose eevee?
I’m glad you can have which ever one you want.

FlickTalk says:

This shit is starting to get to me… no items?? wtf yo

Crazy Bananas says:

Who do you think the Gen 7 Pokémon for smash ultimate is going to be?

Anime Odin says:

It could just mean that they’re is one Charizardite instead of getting rid of held items all together

bill vee says:

I can’t wait for LGPE to come out, they look like amazing games. I’m definitely choosing eevee!
Anyways I think that there will be items, (0:56) how else would megas work?

Andrew Wible says:

I’m SUPER excited for these games. Can’t wait to see some new megas!

Alpha T says:


Brandon Turner says:

I’m assuming that they still need to hold the Mega Stone, but there’s just one Charizardite now and you choose which form you want instead of giving them an X or Y version of a stone. Wouldn’t really make sense to need to pick up an item, but don’t actually use it.

Primal Instinct says:

I’m going blastoise

Ciclón X says:

I was right, there are not going to be Held Items

Timlox says:


Charlie Marinello says:

I thought if you chose let’s go eevee you had to be the girl? Did they change that?

Prowlered01 says:

I think that the Mega Stone is still a held item; they simply combined the forms into Charizardite. Probably the same with Mewtwo and its Mewtwonite.

Ricky Santiago says:

i think that’s so unfair to decide what mega form you want from charizard if they do that they should give the other starters a new mega form as well and i hope there is new mega forms

Alexandre Martins says:

We’re not getting new megas till 8th gen

Brandname the Rapper says:

No held items? That’s a staple in Pokemon. Just like wild battles. I know this is a spin off but Cmon it’s getting a little ridiculous

Cat King says:

Omg mega evolutions are gonna be so sick and I’m gonna barf rainbows

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