What are the chances? This Pokémon GO adventure includes my first Smeargle, another shiny Pokémon, Legendary Rayquaza Raids, and more! Do you have a Smeargle? Do you have this shiny Pokémon? Let me know! Enjoy!

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Strizzy STR8 says:

The lucky for the August 2018 trade is only guaranteed if you have less than 10 lucky Pokemon all time. Sorry to burst your bubble.

Cimags says:

Congrats on the 96 Ray Ray Jonathan!!! Gotta show some support for the Johnny’s out there.

Vedant Joshi says:

I have like 8 smeragle by now

Majin Shark says:

You should name him Rosco! lol

Scrubsy says:

i did not get to do any rayquaza raids… and its my favorite pokemon…

CantaloupeGaming - ROBLOX, Clib Penguin, and more! says:

you only just got smeargle? i got 15!!!

Red 1 says:

I got a 100% weather boosted rayquza

Crash Pokémon Cards says:

Have fun on your trips yo get some trainer tips like cut seanz

3SK gamer says:

I got a level 1 smeargul.. It has meteor mash attack

Dolphingrrl 83 says:

I’ve got 3 Smeargle so far

Legendary Void says:

I caught a shiny houndour this morning

Blocky Barricade says:

You can smeargle a smeargle it happened to me

Seph S says:

Yeah my dad was able to Smeargle a Smeargle that had Water Gun and Hydro Cannon and had the same move set

Terry Berry says:

hey JT Gilly i have had smeargle on smeargle

David Taylor says:

I have smergol

Biswajyoti Mukherjee says:

Can we still get shiny meltan now?

Megan Alissa Swartz says:

I felt pretty “connected” as well to Rayquza. I was 9 for 13, which I was pleased with. However I feel Dialga loves me even more! I’m 16 for 19 with him!

Kasey N says:

Yeah I literally have like 15 smeargle

Bad Moon says:

If you have more than 10 lucky pokemons, you’re old mon won’t be guaranteed lucky. Itll have a good chance, but won’t be a sure thing

Stbn1 San says:

Question.. why aren’t you on pvp and silph cut tournaments?? You seem better than mystic7 no offense and we get it that he’s doing his own thing these days, but you do seem to put the work on it and have the resources to do it, maybe you’ve explained it before and I missed it but just curious.

Winson Ng says:

I have 4 smeargles 1 photobombed a butterfree 1 photobombed a groudon 1 photobombed a ivysaur 1 photobombed a rayquaza

Indu Rani says:

Why do u look like Drake.?

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