WE CAUGHT A BLASTOISE! – Pokemon Go Gameplay! [3]

Hello Everybody! Welcome to POKEMON GO! Today I am starting my Pokemon Go adventure! I show you guys my EPIC 802CP FLAREON! And also we take over one of my local gyms! Hope you guys enjoy this pokemon go gameplay video, leave some love if you do!

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Claudia Kemp says:

Rainer= Water
Sparky= Electric
Pyro= Fire

Lemony Sheep says:

pixelmon o???

you tube masta pasta says:

i wish he said cp and not level

Avary Riggle aka Dark lord25398 says:

if you like team instinct like this comet

Ryan Moisy says:

do you get spam

FacedSleet975 says:

he kept saying 431

Jaykob Paris says:

this is click bait

Lucario's Intro maker says:


Vreege Lord says:

nice car

Ethan's Workshop says:

I’m not jugdging you but you said pixelmon go at the end

Marshall Gilman says:

Pokemon got to mechanical am all pokemon

Clare Edwards says:

i got a charsard

Matt3ew69 M says:

I evolved a 380cp Eevee into a 1026cp Vaporeon

Awesome Wolfie#AJ says:

Wot recording software do you use

ella Champion says:

I have a gloom

liz Edwards says:

squid said pixelmon go at the end not pokemon go

Austin Guthrie says:


CharlieGaming HD says:

I’ve got a 1615 vaporen and I’m on level 21

kathrobtravis says:

Congratulations you levelled up


You should have names that eevee Rainer because it will turn into a vapeoreon best eevee evolution

Erin Wilson says:


Ryan Moisy says:


Joanna Leggett says:

Is tomohawk older than squid cuz if tomo is older tomo should drive

Underwater Crew Gaming!!! says:

I caught a wild Gengar

pokemon channel says:

I’m a kid and im level fourteen and your level fifteen

Buffy Contianos says:

Garydos is Rare to!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!’!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Adam Parker says:

sick car squid #mercedes

the webkin collector137 says:

I love Eevee’s even all the Eeveelutions

Nelson Moseley says:


Kinan Khlaf says:

Du är en pikachu

Barbara Miller says:

i saw a wild gengar

Ryan Moisy says:

why don’t you join team instinct

Abrahm Ortuno says:

I did not know spuid has a cat and a nice car and a girl friend

Yeyaaah says:

At the end he said “Pixelmon Go”. Is that a thing, Squid?

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