TONS Of New Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu Gameplay!

New Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu Gameplay! Pokemon News Update for Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu And Eevee. We have tons of new Pokemon Let’s Go Gameplay that just makes me more hype for these New Pokemon Games!

Serebii Pokemon News / New Pokemon Let’s Go Gameplay
Hajime Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu Gameplay
New Pokemon Let’s Go Gameplay Trailer – Explore the World of Pokémon: Let’s Go, Pikachu! and Let’s Go, Eevee!
Pokemon JP

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Jeremiah Optimus says:


Twilight Sparkle says:

lol that thumbnail

Lucas from smash 5 says:

electrode: im just going to roll on my disadvantage the ground and my eyes taking pressure and i expect to use electric attacks

mew:lol what a noob

CookiesRluv says:

Also, double kick pikachu look awesome. Just such weird move to have on that pokemon.

Colin Steven says:

Does Let’s Go Eevee not have a hashtag?

Sajeevan Neethirajah says:

Hopefully BENCHES are back!!!

Only Brad says:

Golem almost squished a diglet

CookiesRluv says:

Just because one thing they don’t want is in the game, that means they don’t want to play the game ever and hate it. 😛


Venusaur is clearly a frog maybe based off a prehistoric version even

Crazee Cuzins says:

This game looks so cool but


Lykan 86 says:

I am so excited for Let’s Go!

The Missing Castle says:

I don’t understand why a lot of people are complaining about going back to Kanto. I can understand it not like the region cause my nostalgic favorite is hoenn and over all favorite is unova. “But We’ve been to Kanto so many times!!!” Yeah gen 1(red/blue/green and yellow), Gen 2( gold/silver and crystal) and their remakes (Firered/leafgreen and heartgold/soulsilver) We have not touch base in Kanto since 2009. IN 9 YEARS!!! But I hear you saw ” but gamefreak/the Pokemon company always starts all off series games with Kanto like Pokemon go and Pokemon quest” and my answer is WHY WOULD THEY START WITH ANY OTHER REGION!!! The first 151 is literally the beginning of the pokedex why would they start anywhere else. It’s also more marketable to start with the first 151 because they are the most recognizable my mainstream media. If you were to show someone a gen 1 and a gen 7 Pokemon side by side and tell them to say which is the Pokemon with maybe mimikyu as a exception the gen 1 would be picked most likely BECAUSE THEY HAVE BEEN HERE FOR 20 YEARS SO PEOPLE HAVE SEEN THEM MORE!!! I can see just not liking Kanto but it’s not a bad idea to go back at this moment either. The switch is very exepenive system and they would 1) not only need to test what they system can do and 2) they would want to bring as many Pokemon fans to the system as possible before their huge project comes out. And also thinking of it. The 3ds/2ds didn’t have the transition phase where you could see have the new handheld was going to be like the gameboy to the ds did. The game boy had a clam shell style system before the time the ds had came out so with how exepenive the switch and no real system transition I can see many Pokemon fan being hesitant buy one and old fans would be harder to sell without having something similar to what they had. Going back to Kanto between gen 7 and 8 just makes since at the moment.

Icee202 Productions says:



DragonTamerRi says:

OMG! Okay, I could be wrong but I think the Golem clip had a shiny Dugtrio. I was looking at the aura and at first I thought it was blue but it had what appeared to be multiple colors and a few of what looked like the shiny ✨ thrown into the aura. I’m so hyped for this game!!!!! Look at it!!! It’s so beautiful… I’m not crying you’re crying!

Squishy Mythi says:

Yeah sure its Kanto again…. but I finally get to have my Eevee starter and not a face full of lab-wall.

Pipper The Vaporeon says:

can u do a nuzzlocke (preferably crystal or platinum)¿¿

Seeker33 says:

Pokemon LGPE is definitly fun as the mechanics are a new style of fun and enjoyment. I believe the haters hate it cause they didnt had good childhood life. But as me that started pokemon games in gen 4 its a big hype experience for me it is.

grapes9h5 says:

The scale you get when Pikachu faces off against Onix!!!! It finally has reached a level on par with the anime.

XPlasmaPixels says:

My children I know the wild encounters are gone but just imagine how amazing mt. moon will be now

JPA55MOR3 says:

Well Verlis, looks like your now pretty much the only OG poketuber. Everybody else fell off, good work manye.

Bazza Banaza says:

Venus Ayr is not frog
If he be frog (or toad) why ain’t bulbasaur tadpol? Ha boom.

08STARS80 Sapphire says:

Still hunting for 6 31 iv eevee to breed for a 6iv shiny

Mark van der Wal says:

I’m so happy that there more Let’s GO gameplay.

Jeremiah Optimus says:


Ruby Scizor says:

Verlisify acctully seems like a chill dude when he’s not trying to expose someone.

Cappy The Cap says:

its rock tunnel not digglet tunnel

The Gaming Chicken says:

People need to stop hating on people who hate this game. People are allowed to have their opinions and it’s not really nice to try and override it with your own :/

austin mcclary says:

What happens when metapod follows you?

Crona Albarn says:

Zubat will never be a problem again!

ryu kage says:

THICCasaur looking great

Mark Guyton says:

So we finally learn that Venusaur is some sort of toad – plant thing… nice.

MrSonicHedgehog says:

With that new Venusaur animation, its species is more revealed. They are a mixture of toads and tropical plants

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