THROWBACK JONNO!! 👴 My First Pokemon GO Gameplay EVER!! What Pokemon Was My Starter?!

See what Pokemon Jonno chooses as his starter during his very first gameplay video for Pokemon GO EVER!!!!


MasterKevan - Gaming says:

I’m watching the stream

SuperGreninja 3482 says:

Scyther was my first wild catch other than my starter. We do not see that many Scythers though…. XD.

FlorenticGaming says:

i picked pikachu with accident because i was in a car and it drove and pikachu spawned and i picked it

CheetahProjects says:

Oh I’m not first lol plz reply tho

TheSkyMaster _ says:

my starter pokemon was Squirtle

UP5199VloggingAndGaming says:

You found him In Sacramento, CA, USA

Millie Lightfoot says:

My first catch was a nindorina

Kekoa 92 says:

my starter was bulbasaur

Kobe95Wazzup Instinct Rulz!! says:

Your first catch is nidoran
mine is Ratata

Ry&nick games says:

in pokemon go i have smoochum as my buddie

Melleee says:


GavinProductions says:


Aaron - Clash of Clans says:

nice i remember these days

Hovernyan Yo-Kai says:

why didn’t you choose Pikachu in this video

Reysmarr says:

i am here from 5 kg eggs

VoidVentures says:


Doge the Creator says:

Good times good times

CheetahProjects says:

First! 😀

Hovernyan Yo-Kai says:

8th hello

MiZe_ Matty says:

*JONNO!! I think I might be the first ever person to notice this. but when you have the option of all three, If you click on one then go to choose another starter then go to choose another starter. then catch the starter you want to have. would all 3 pokemon be on your pokedex?*

Rainie Lim says:


Melleee says:


Awesome Mr. T says:

I was here in live stream

Liam Ellingwood says:


Sagiv Bokovza says:

Jonno you are the best YouTuber!!!

Monica Wright says:

my first pokemon was pikachu

Pokeman 59: Roblox,Pokemon and More says:

Sqirtle was my starter also

Kyle Manner says:

Has squirtle always been ur favorite?

Melleee says:


Nightmarefreddy Gamez says:

jonno my starter was pikachu

Finlay6988 says:

OMGGG Jonno we are so similar! I picked Squirtle, I’m in team instinct, We’ve caught unbelievable things from the wild, and we now are both level 30! I’m level 31 BTW.

Kacper Bobrucki says:

squirtle is my starter

KickZ Z says:

No one cares if your first

Jakob Goodyear says:

my starter was charmander and I have charmeleon and wartortle

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