The Stupid New Pokemon Is Meltan

A New Pokemon GO Pokemon has been appearing for the last few days and we finally have confirmation of what it is! Melatan is the New Pokemon that will be in Let’s Go Pikachu and Eevee and Pokemon GO. The Special New Pokemon teaser was Meltan.

Pokemon Let’s Go New Pokemon – Meltan
New Pokémon Discovered: Introducing Meltan! Pokemon GO NEw Pokemon
Pokemon GO New Pokemon / Meltan Details

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Enzo Perez says:

stupid idea… what if it’s actually Meltan under the Mimikyu disguise and whoever’s seen Meltan’s true form died because it attacked them?

leo says:

meltan looks like one of those rings used to hold your phone

Best Twends says:

So he has a go at me when I say critism but its OK for him to do the same and plus it might be like popile

RocketTwurpSLR says:

Tbh im not realy sure what to make of as of yet, i kinda still setting in but i feel like the way it kinda stumbled out as a pokemon or a placeholder, it is a little cute i admit but it surly got the community confused and a lot of arguments rose whether or not it was real or a placeholder, was a extemely nuts way of revealing it!

I didnt believe it was real and just a placeholder and you know me not real until confirmed. So we kust hsd to wait for the reveal to drop.
I just feel, the design is partly the reason why a lot of people got confused in the first place either it was a place holder or the real thing. Since it was small, kinda ditto with a nut on. Mechanical kinda vibe, 75% placeholder i thought
Did realy trick us into believing it was not real.

The only reason i thought it may be real, cuz i saw it and immediately thought what it could be based on, kinda made me a little more positive about what the lure could be on it, like i thought thier could be a bit more in depth to this pokemon instead of just a ditto with a nut lmao.
And i kinda believe if its based on what i think its based on i think gen 8 will be fairly interesting. Something simular to ditto but roboty.

But definitely because its just one pokemon, the whole gen 8 roster shouldnt be the same, yeah kinkklank, gear thing probably my opinion THE worst pokemon design ever, never liked it yh the inatimate objects of gen 5 just stung. (Except chandelure)

but i just find the inatimate pokemon thing facinating to me cuz i always kinda think back to how mewtwo was created, kinda feel like thats why some of the pokemon are like that lol

I thought the trailer was cool, the graphics and the talking made me think, ooh i wonder if this is gen 8 graphics and you get actual talking in the games lol

But yh it does realy make sence that its mythical, since megearna was revealed before the generation. Had a feeling it will be in lets go. Thats cool its just giving us a nice little taste and enticing us, gen 8 gonna be great and its just on the horizon.
We can say no one has to worry i think meltan being linked with lets go and gen 8 kinda confirmes its main series now lol (if they didnt already know it by now)

But i totaly get why you get gen 5 vibes though the nut is something that is off putting, but yh i just hope they put as much love in gen 8 as they did in lgpe, hopefully the gen 5 vibes will meltan away maybe. We just need to wait and see what gen 8 will bring, i suppose it will have room to grow on us.

Also im glad to hear you’re enjoying your cruise, hope you having a wailord of a time :3 also playing pokemon go thats awesome, you didn’t need to do a video, we coulda waited till friday. but i kinda knew you wouldnt resist if the pokemon got revealed lol
Turned on serebii, “holy its actualy real! Verlis aint gonna be happy about this being real,”
its nice to see how good the video turned out though. Even though the dislikes, i dont think it was bad,yiu were quite positive and just said how feel and your opinion upon it,
Enjoy the rest of your vacation verlis :3

Rain Orion says:

1 – I agree with Verlis, this Pokemon is ugly af.
2 – I expect this Pokemon to have several(or at least 2) forms because of its description. (Which could be its only saving grace.)
3 – If Meltan is the Gen8 pixie (e.g. Celebi, Jirachi) Pokemon done fucked up.

Anirban's Pokevids says:

Meltan is cool not stupid

Chrissy Lyn says:

It’s So cute. Leave it alone. All the haters can go drown

Eievui Eevee says:

Meltan looks cute so i like it

Briana Ortiz says:

I kinda like it. It is very different and it’s kinda cute.

Patrick Shores says:

he will be my front runner on my team

Zykrah says:

I caught like 20 xD

Bobby King says:

Why so many dislikes though? :/

Whispernyan says:

I can’t wait for the day when Gen 5 will stop getting hate.

Gabriel , says:

Someone that can trade me a politoad for dex id trade back

galib rabat says:

I’m still not buying Let’s Go versions. Even if it means missing out on a mythic.

We had mythics like Darkrai and now Meltan. Idk if it looks mythical? Might be better off with a better design or making it a generally rare encounter than a total mythic?

SlimeHead5000 says:

It looks like a dump metal ditto with a nut on its head.

Duckling says:

its my fave mytchical so far. it looks like Liquid, i really like it.

mohit123 surkar123 says:


Michael Duckworth says:

Melton is cute y’all are just genwhiners

Woodybpt Phione says:

I think it’s adorable

MR.kittencat says:

Why don’t you like him/her/it

Caboose Juice631 says:

Whatever happened to always being positive and being a true pokemon fan? Maybe your negative opinions will have better feedback if you dont attack others for having them

liam gw says:

Verli you vids are great but theyre so long sometimes i dont want to watch them

Brady Morin says:

Hate on the new pokemon from the guy that hates one the people hating on the new pokemon game.

Cullen Latham says:

wait, verlis hating on a pokemon lets go thing? what have you done with the real verlis?! 😛

i actually sort of like the artwork for it. what i saw second hand from the pokemon go tease was a less colorful ditto with a nut stuck to it’s head, but the artwork does better show a more shiny, metallic color that works far better for what it is trying to be. Also, when you think about the general evolution style in pokemon, the first evolution is usually the cutest. Seeing how we are only just learning about it, who’s to say it wont evolve into something you may like more? it is growing on me, but i should probably hold back to see how good of a pokemon it is through personal experience (like part of the reason i love the original ralts line) and until we know significantly more about it. Ditto could loosely be described as a slime. Metal slimes are a thing, even if not nearly as common, and that could be meltan’s inspiration.

Shiro says:

right? wtf

Wesly Russell says:

Mimikyu and Dragonite are examples. They’re both a copy off of an existing pokemon.

Jack Gibbs says:

I personally really like the design although I’m a bit biased as steel is my favourite type

Jhonel Ola says:

Probably this is the descendants of the “mechanical pokemons” like Magnemite, Klingklang, and Beldum and closely relative to Mew… that’s my theory…

IshiGray says:

Just now seeing this and Meltan looks like something you can get from breeding a ditto with Magnemite or the other evolutions.

Chris Smith says:

See, I don’t mind the Klinklang line, because to me it harkens back to the Magneton line. (Gears vs Magnets, not too great a leap in manufacturing.) Vaniluxe? I’m meh about it being the inspiration for ice cream (I actually didn’t know that until this video). I don’t like Magearna at all though. It just ruins a ton of lore about the origin of Pokeballs.

I feel like Meltan could have been better designed if you had three of the hexnuts that orbited around the nobules of a metal jack (for the game of knucklebones, not for lifting a car).

Ronny Meow says:

I thought I’d hate it. But I lOve it-! (*-*)/

Kantoboi 96 says:

My eyes!!!

Prince Vegeta says:

Remember when Gold and Silver beta was datamined, and Ditto had an evolution that was Steel type and caused by trading it with a metal coat on it? Could this be a reference/callback?

Uncle_Joona says:

>ancient pokemon
>is bolt’s nut
I didnt know they modern technology in ancient times

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