THE SECRETS OF NIANTIC! What did I learn at the Pokémon GO Summit?

Upcoming Pokémon GO events, collaborations, feedback on PVP, Research Rewards, Raids, Lucky Trades and MORE were all discussed at the Influencer Summit. Here’s what I suggested to Niantic on behalf of the community! In this episode I also got to visit the Niantic office and meet many of the Niantic staff members.

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PO Box 130
NSW Australia

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Dmitry Zhbanov

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Tor Åge Herstad says:

the asia pacific region would get a nother feebas day if it happend to them.

Jerome Le says:

I’m so proud you are from Newcastle. It’s so great to see you successful.

John Hazlewood says:

Gr eat video Zoe. Your enthusiasm as usual is infectious. Cant wait to see what they have in store for us this year.

Jordan Rowley says:

Super great input to be honest! Thanks for letting us know! Constructive feedback is key! Constant complaints from the community is damaging! Personally I enjoy the game a tonnn. It’s nice to know that Niantic really does hear us! Great video.

Unsraw King says:

I really want Worldwide trading so I can trade with many (Team Instinct only), as all in game friends are outside of AUS. Gold Magikarp Com day.

Michael Benjamin says:

IV rating / number % and att/def/sta breakdown would be good for new players ( and vets) to understand that it’s not always best to chase just high cp’s , there is little more to it ! the appraising helps but cryptic and still need calculator lots of number punching !

Branden Godfrey says:

What about CANADA!

Anthony Harrell says:

Im from the U.S. but my biggest complaint is the current 7 stamp research box. Of the 8 mons in the box i have only gotten 3, and i have gotten them every time.

Reversal says:

*HAH GOTTEM!!!* 4:26

Perfectimage says:

can we talk privately

Dominic Marroquin Sandoval says:

Hi Zoe I think you should add Keibron Gamer into the Summer squad he would represent the Latinos / Hispanics he is the #1 PoGo creator in Spain after Luzu Games

Ṩkill ǤaP says:

Assuming this is clickbait

Giggity Gaming says:

Do u still play pokemon duel?

Andrew Harries says:

Hello from Wales..
I dont think the recent changes have been any good.. the viewing circle has decreased the view of gyms in our area..which is not good when you are a small town..two of the gyms are on restricted hours so are wasted..if the game glitches on a raid you lose a pass and unable to do the raid..
Also shiny spawns should be more frequent for people..
Cheers for the content..

Daniel Costa e Silva says:

4:17 Zoë and Nick accidentally squeezed Professor’s groin outch :X

Zekrom Gamer says:

Pro Planty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

CaptainCold52 says:

Please, tell me y’all covered pokefest ticket purchasing!!!!!!!!!?

StarSeek says:

Major congrats to you Zoë. Doing us proud! Thankyou for all that you do, most of all.. Thankyou for being you and always being upfront with us. I would really love for ProPlanty to be on board with the crew. I believe his first hand experience of rural play would be able to generate many ideas in contributing so much in this regard and more.

Heidi says:

Yay Zoë so excited for you! Happy to see our Aussie community being represented, best of luck for the future 🙂
Also I would totally be there for an Australian event!

Mason Krumwiede says:

Cold weather Pokémon Go players.

C. Ware says:

You are very well spoken. Glad you addressed what really happened at the summit. I have warched awhile, but I’m more pvp based. This video though definatly trys my sub. In my opinion one of the best, if not the best post video of the summit.

The_Doctors_Tardis says:

2:42 Hey look! It’s me! All the way in the back.

Marty Talley says:

That’s wonderful news! So my one suggestion is that if you complete a task and the gift is a ? Pokémon. If your Pokémon
Bag is full; you should be able to delete Pokémon and/or add room to your bag ; then come back and catch the Pokémon. Instead you just have nothing.

jacqui hida says:

So glad our girl is representing Asia pacific as last!!! Well done and so deserved. X

David Farrugia says:

Where s prodigies nation there??!

Paul Duncan says:

Great video and congratulations. I wish you all the best, you are such well spoken and genuine person.

I hope you have another successful year.

Waddy says:

Im not a rural player by any means but I would love WAY more spawns away from stops. As a childhood Pokemon fan, Pokemon to me was going out into nature, forests, mountains etc to find wild Pokemon. I would much rather go out on a hike on a mountain or explore a wooded area to find tons of Pokemon in their “natural habitat” rather than go to a building with a sign. Would be so much more fun 🙂

lillecathrine says:

I’m so glad they added you to the squad. You deserve it so much! Can’t wait to see what 2019 brings for PoGo.

Tor Åge Herstad says:

The pokemon go youtubers wont say anything bad about niantic because they are a afraid of not getting invited to events.

Bobby Stone says:

Holly and Zoe are so hot

Sarah Shepherd says:

Would love to see pro join you, love you both! Good to see you involved!

Shawna Leier says:

Is there a way to submit an issue with a pokestop/gym? There is one in our area that’s actually on a marker for a children’s graveyard. Horrible to think someone could be raiding at a gym whilst someone is mourning their loss

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